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  • Customers like
    • How the agent kept in touch about what ever we needed 1
    • How the policy paid for moms burial cost and we had no worries 1
    • Work environment 1
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    • Poor representation 3
    • Horrible place to work for 3
    • Ripping off seniors 2

I need an agent to call me asap!!! None of your phone numbers seem to work and, an agent hasn't conacted me in 2Years!!! Kathleen Spencer, 912-433-0201 Add comment

I have been calling Banker's Life since Februray 15, 2016 regarding a claim check that we never received and they are telling us it has been cashed. I requested a copy of the back of the check but after 6 phone calls, I keep getting different stories as to when it will be processed and mailed out. Tried asking for a supervisor but of course she is on the other line and has no idea when she will be finished. We all know how that will end-no call back. This company says they can't just fax or email it-is that crazy? This is a simple request. Read more

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I recruited for Bankers Life. I personally brought people in for job opportunities to make over $60,000 in a year's span. Our manager made $200,000 a year because he worked his *** off for 15 years to make it there. You have to work your butt off in this country for something you want. We help people and when I recruit someone it is because their Resume or Cover Letter says "I am a hard working individual looking for a career where there is opportunity for growth" Which is exactly what we do at Bankers. I love my job and I love everyone I work... Read more

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My experience with Bankers Life Insurance. A few years ago my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. After the treatment failed she was sent to a hospice. My dad had taken out a long term care policy with Bankers Life Insurance Company about 10 years previously so they felt that they would not be a drain on us children. It did turn out that they were not a great expense on us but it was due to the insurance. Instead they both died shortly after my mom entered the hospice. Bankers Life Insurance Company (Bankers) was no help financially and in... Read more

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Deborah from bankers life called me on friday for a interview on monday. She said her boss was impressed with my resume. I asked was this a sales position, if so i was not interested. and she said no. I went to the interview and a Catherine bass asked for my resume. I said you all called me. I thought you had my resume. The sent me into a room where a video was to take place. I knew then it was sales. Two other people came in and come to find out they told them the same thing, that they were impressed with their resume and it was not a sales... Read more

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Unfortunately my father purchased a LTC policy from these crooks. He has had to live in a nursing home for the past 4+ years due to dementia. I have had to deal with these crooks the whole time to get reimbursement for his care and have never dealt with such a bunch of jerks in my life! They do everything and use every excuse to not pay valid claims. They only pay for personal care, not for rent or any other expenses. Buy from another REPUTABLE company, not this one. Read more

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Im looking for people that are willing to join me in a class action suit against this complany. Add comment

I just received a call today from a lady from "Bank First Life" (she sounded Asian ..could not understand her very well) She said she found my resume on and thought I would be a good candidate for a possible position, but could not tell the actual position(s). She aaked me if I would like to come in next week for a seminar. I agreed and she said I should be receiving an email for confirmation. I have still yet to receive any email. She did however give me the location of the office which is: 390 S. Woods mill Rd., Suite 160,... Read more

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That sound so familiar to me as I received a call from the glasshouse in reference to a job for administration assistant after arriving I was told it was an informal interview to put a face with the resume and asked if I could come in the following day for a formal interview which I did .let me just say it was the worst mistake ever , not only was I mislead but the interview took place inside of a coffee shop three blocks away and it was for a marketing job going... Read more

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What a joke! How do they stay in BUSINESS??????????????????? Can we as Pissed consumers do anying thing to stop them. I tried to have my policy stoped last year Bankers Life said to me ok, and two mouths later they took 4 premiums out of my bank. This put me in a hardship, and had too pay less on my rent ect. ect. ect.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm ona fixed income. So if this company can be stoped it should be. Thank you, USMCJCH1371 Read more

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