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I was contacted by Bankers after they "picked up my resume on CareerBuilder" to be invited for an interview. Nothing wrong with that, however here are the warning signs:

1. The person contacting me sounded like she was reading from a script. She was unable to give me meaningful background for the position.

2. Initially I agreed to the interview however I asked for the following: (1) a position description of what they were looking for and (2) background about the company itself to be sent to me via e-mail. Neither ever arrived.

3. I was supposed to be contacted back the day prior to the "interview" to confirm. When I did not receive a call, I called them back. The same person who called me the first time answered and gave me the same sale pitch (almost verbatim) as during the initial contact. She seemed bothered by my questions and clearly wanted to get off the phone as quickly as possible. When I said that I never got the e-mail with the information I promised, she asked me to "check my spam filter"... A warning in and of itself.

4. The person I spoke to reminded me to "dress professionally" (really? For an interview??) and to "bring my resume"

All in all, the above is a scam. When a company seeks you out based on your credentials and the resume you post, they don't ask you to "...dress professionally and bring your resume...". They either seek you out, have an opportunity and want you for that position or they don't. In this case, they are blanketing job sites and cold-calling job seekers. I don't know how it is to work for them, however based on the large number of complaints, this can't be a good place to work at. - If you are not convinced by my logic, here some guidelines in general:

- NEVER pay for your training. If a company asks you to pay to get trained then RUN!

- NEVER trust a company who asks you to bring your resume to an "interview". Your resume is supposedly how they found you in the first place so they will have it.

- NEVER trust a company who, after an initial contact, does not follow up with serious materials as to what they would want you to do including a detailed description of the job(s) they are trying to fill.

- NEVER trust a company that gives you a salary range of "80k to 200k" (as was the case here) for a position that does supposedly not involve sales.

I will not be going to my interview. To all those who choose to go: the best of luck and I hope they don't wast too much of your time.

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Nov 09 #1061015

Just go... What else are you doing? You cant be scammed unless you agree to it! If its legit, go on and make some money! Better than zero coming into your bank account! *** my account has dust and tumbleweed because I've not made a deposit in so long!

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Oct 29 #1055682

Same thing happened to me literally 15 minutes ago I got a call and I thought hmm... I'm 19 why would they want me I have worked at tire shops not insurance companies. Also I thought this is weird she hasn't asked a single question and I had missed her call and I called back and left a message saying I missed her call today and when she finally called back she said hi this is Tina I tried contacting you about a week ago blah blah blah when I only applied yesterday... So that made me feel a little off about this she also said the position I applied for does not matter that I would be able to pick any job I wish... long story short I won't be attending there professional looking interview

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Oct 12 #1047213


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Oct 05 #1043470

Very well stated. I am sure people will be benefited by your info. if used accordingly. Thanks.

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Sep 30 #1041143

I have one today but they called me about my resume I submitted. They also sent me a confirmation email. I think they say dress well and bring you're resume because There are some people who may not have commen sense to do those things. professional. I've had other companies tell me the same.

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Sep 24 #1038402

It is apparent that there is wide spread corruption, and lies from individuals within the insurance industry. One, wonders where are the state "Attorney Generals" and the federal government. Also, if you have the position that you are interested in and it does not include sales why aren't Monster, Career Builders, and the rest monitoring? Maybe they are selling everyone's information and nothing more. I wish the best for all that have issues for those that have had to deal with scammers.

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Sep 22 #1037252

I only wish I had seen this prior. I was contacted by Bankers Life a few days ago for what I thought was an accounting position. At the time I thought nothing of what the receptionist had said in our very brief conversation. In retrospect,t I too was instructed to provide them a copy of my resume and dress business professional. I arrived early and sat down in the lobby. Then I saw a door open and they were speaking to 20 or so people about selling insurance. At that point I got up and walked out. To the person #1036840 thanks....

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Sep 21 #1036840

I was contacted today for a interview...that is why I came to this site to seek out reviews on this

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Sep 19 #1036000

I got a call from Melissa this morning saying she reviewed my resume I had to search and checked what kind of company this is. I'm glad I found this, instead of wasting my time at that interview.

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Sep 16 #1034506

I just got an email and called them I thought it was a recording at first so I was listening and said out loud this is a long recording ? Little over two mins . After I said it out loud the person said can't you tell a recording from a real person ? Well I said usually you start your greeting then you ask a question I do etc confirm who you are trying to reach and what for . The fact that you wouldn't let me speak and when I ask you a question and you kept on talking I assumed you were a recording so yeah your phone etiquette sucks and when some asks who you are you say who you are and why . All he kept telling me was we found your résumé on and would like to schedule you for an interview as far as any info you will get that at the interview and I asked for time and directions he said like a *** didn't you read the email ? I asked for his name bc I still don't know who I'm talking to he said I'm not allowed to give out that information I told him goodbye sorry but you won't let me speak won't give time and directions your first name which is what national security secret and he said no I said hear me now ? Dial tone.

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Sep 16 #1034673

Good for you! What a classless *** he was.

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Sep 11 #1032831 Visalia, California

I agree with you totaly. Just got a call today and it was exacly they way you described it . To the T

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Sep 03 #1029273

I just received a phone exactly like yours. Won't
Be wasting my time either.

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Aug 23 #1023601

I have received an email from a Lara Fleetwood, with the same info. I asked them what the position was for that they want me to interview for and they wrote, Customer Service (that is what I do) She wrote to me AFTER I asked what I was being interviewed for, and she replied back with:
..."At this time Bankers Life is hiring for several positions – Customer Service, Healthcare Services, Financial Admin, Financial Sales and Services, Client Relationship Management, as well as Leadership and Management roles. All of the positions are Full-Time, include benefits and training..."
I have to go on this interview because Unemployment says that I cannot refuse a job referral. However, I AM NOT A SALES PERSON by any means, and I CANNOT work on any commission.
I will find out about this and will not waste any time -

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Jul 31 #1014164

I was contacted by two people from the Bankers Life and scheduled me for interview as a Manager. I was told I wi be trained. I told the lady I was not interested in the position and she asked "why"? I asked her to email me the job posting so I can research the company. She sent me an email confirmation of my appointment. I had a bad feeling about this so I googled and I'm glad I did. I am not going to the interview. They also told me the same thing. Bring your resume and dress professional.

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Jul 25 #1011850

The person calling requesting you to come to an info session is given a script and does not know anything else about the position. When you go to the session; the branch sales manager gives you the preliminary info. If he is interested in you; he will give you either a call or email to come in for a personal interview. Insurance sales is where money is at. Whether you work for a State Farm or a Bankers life it is still insurance sales. They are just two different licenses. If you want to only do this, then you work full time. You are self-employed and are a 1099 employee until you move up to management if you choose and qualify. Then you are w-2. You can't judge a book by its cover and the recruiter is looking for key words in your resume that are transferable skills that could be applied to this career. If its not for you, then so be it. But the company is not a scam. Aflac works the same way as so do many others. Bankers like has been around for about 130 years so that should say something about the company. As far as the dress code and resume; just face it; most of you would show up in jeans and a t-shirt since you hear information session.

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Jul 25 #1011853 Ontario, Canada

None of what you rambled on about means a hill of beans to the average job-seeker who is contacted by them! Bankers offers a business-opportunity in commission-only sales, and they need to be upfront and honest about that! People who need to feed their families often can't afford to pay for training and other BS and they need a steady wage or salary and benefits. They need a bona-fide JOB! They aren't looking for this horse-sh*t. The telemarketer who makes calls needs to be able to answer simple, logical questions and the fact he/she can't, says A LOT I don't care if they have been around for 200 centuries, they need to be 100% clear and upfront about what they are doing! As far as bringing a resume, most employers ask you do that. You should be doing that anyway. As far as dress code, it's a ploy. Banker's wants everyone who attends the cattle call to be in business attire because it makes their "opportunity" seem more professional than what it actually is.

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Oct 30 #1056208 Laurel, Delaware

I was contacted by Bankers and I too was being recruited but unlike most of you. I have 20 years in the sales of financial product industry. As far as paying for your pre course training and your licensing that is standard in all life and health insurance companies. They tell you during the first meeting that this is a THREE STEP INTERVIEW PROCESS. 1 step is to *** out people who are to weak for this industry. SECOND STEP is to tell you about the job and the compensation. While on training you get to split the commissions of your trainer which could last the first 6 weeks. Easiest said you use them to close your work and their contacts. WOW real hard to make money the First 6 weeks lol . Then you are on your own making full commission and bonuses. Remember the people call you are just recruiters not your manager or co workers. I make a lot working here and have fun. I been at Bankers for 6 months so I am not a manager or owner just an agent.

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Nov 09 #1061013 Roanoke, Virginia

You are correct! TRANSFERRABLE SKILLS! I have experience within the banking industry. Super opportunity... I am going just to see how "real" this is. I hope to gain major coins!! Even if for a short period of time. *** I have nothing to do anyway! Unemployed for 8 months sucks! *** entertain me!

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Jul 23 #1011129

The resume thing is false.. I've had interviews at Coca-Cola and other reputable companies and all saw résumé online but still advised to bring résumé to interview. The person who saw your email online is normally just the recruiter and person who interviews you is somebody different.

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