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Aug 04, 2010
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I was contacted by Bankers after they "picked up my resume on CareerBuilder" to be invited for an interview. Nothing wrong with that, however here are the warning signs:

1. The person contacting me sounded like she was reading from a script. She was unable to give me meaningful background for the position.

2. Initially I agreed to the interview however I asked for the following: (1) a position description of what they were looking for and (2) background about the company itself to be sent to me via e-mail. Neither ever arrived.

3. I was supposed to be contacted back the day prior to the "interview" to confirm. When I did not receive a call, I called them back. The same person who called me the first time answered and gave me the same sale pitch (almost verbatim) as during the initial contact. She seemed bothered by my questions and clearly wanted to get off the phone as quickly as possible. When I said that I never got the e-mail with the information I promised, she asked me to "check my spam filter"... A warning in and of itself.

4. The person I spoke to reminded me to "dress professionally" (really? For an interview??) and to "bring my resume"

All in all, the above is a scam. When a company seeks you out based on your credentials and the resume you post, they don't ask you to "...dress professionally and bring your resume...". They either seek you out, have an opportunity and want you for that position or they don't. In this case, they are blanketing job sites and cold-calling job seekers. I don't know how it is to work for them, however based on the large number of complaints, this can't be a good place to work at. - If you are not convinced by my logic, here some guidelines in general:

- NEVER pay for your training. If a company asks you to pay to get trained then RUN!

- NEVER trust a company who asks you to bring your resume to an "interview". Your resume is supposedly how they found you in the first place so they will have it.

- NEVER trust a company who, after an initial contact, does not follow up with serious materials as to what they would want you to do including a detailed description of the job(s) they are trying to fill.

- NEVER trust a company that gives you a salary range of "80k to 200k" (as was the case here) for a position that does supposedly not involve sales.

I will not be going to my interview. To all those who choose to go: the best of luck and I hope they don't wast too much of your time.

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Nov 17 Greenville, South Carolina

They actually do pay for your study material and reimburse you for the license fee. What scam are you referring to? I make a VERY good living working for this company! It's simply insurance sales. Hard work pays off!

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Bankers agent

Nov 11 Massachusetts, United States

This company definetly is a scam and is stealing people's hard earned money. When you get charged a monthly fee around $137.00 a month for their rehashed leads which are called over and over by agents in the same office its Just ridiculous. Plus agents pays own way for training and licensure it's just ludicrous go get a job at a legitimate company and don't waste your time here because you will lose. Best of luck !!!

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Oct 16 Estell Manor, New Jersey

I was really excited to get a phone message that a supposedly professional company was interested in my resume. So glad I stumbled onto your site!! Just for a test, I called the phone #856-229-9736, that they had provided, at 5:45 AM. Got a voice mail for a Joy Creamer, or Joyce Creamer. Very interesting to hear noises like a boiler-room in the background!!
While my bubble is burst (I desperately need a job!!), I am grateful that you clued me in to this scam.

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Oct 15 Grand Rapids, Michigan

So glad people post these scams online. I got a call from Heather stating that I sent my resume to her off of Craigslist. I always check out online the person's name and/or phone number before I return the call. That's where I found several other posts about this company. I have no interest in sales nor any experience. My background is accounting. Thanks for posting!

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Oct 09

I got the same call and originally I thought it might been a scam as well so I did a lot of research. So first of the first interview as everyone says is a group interview where they give you background on the company and there accomplishments and ask you questions as a group, if you stand out amongst the group you are called back for a one on one interview. The money that is talked about is for you to become a licensed insurance agent in your state, because without licenses you cant sell insurance in any state its ILLEGAL.
And for all you who say its a scam you should try looking a little deeper, there actual a sponsor for the Indiana Pacers also try looking them up here

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Oct 16

A sponsor for Indiana Pacers? Well now, why didn't someone say that earlier?! This is PROVES they are legit! My mind is changed.
BTW: F OFF twit!

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Oct 07 Belleville, New Jersey

Just got a call this morning for this. I'm glad I googled and found this write up and another confirming my suspicions it was a scam. I'm supposed to go next week but I won't be attending. I too picked up on the warning signs of dress professionally and bring a resume is on the site, if you really wanted to hire me and know what I can do I think you would've had read it. I've been out of the job search for a long time but glad I can still smell a rat when there is one.

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Oct 06

Yeah, I got the same call. Very suspicious...sounding. I did not post my resume on the site she referred to. She could not give me any info about the job. She stated that the call was being recorded and when I started to ask questions, she was in a hurry to get off the phone. A scam for sure! Not sure how to report this, but here the number that showed up on my caller I.D. 517-507-3125. Hope this helps someone.

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Sep 22 Seattle, Washington

I went to the interview for bankers life. It was a big waste of time, they went to give us the typical blah blah blah about the companies history and about how much money they have made over the last few years. They avoided describing the job as much as possible then most of the way through their sales pitch about how awesome of a company it is to work for they busted out the job description, saying it is sales. I had told the lady over the phone I was not interested in any sales positions originally, to which she said, "oh it's nothing like that". I promptly stood up and walked out of the group interview.

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Sep 18 Boone, North Carolina

I received a call last week about an interview that's tomorrow. I did get my call today reminding of the time and to bring my resume. It's funny because I just got through telling my Husband that this company, bankers life sounded like a scam. I will g tomorrow out of curiosity but I will not pay anything upfront!

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Sep 24

It's not an interview. It's a cattle call sales presentation.

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Sep 18 Eugene, Oregon

They just called me and I have an interview the 29th and I looked them up because it made no sense why they would call me, considering I don't have any background in whatever field they are in or looking for due to the fact that I am a vet tech. So that was the first red flag for me. And the whole resume thing too, she apparently has it since they "looked" at it. Well I'm glad I came across this.

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Sep 18 Hillsboro, Oregon

Thank god I came across this site and read about banker insurance interview scam! I have an interview on 23th of this month. Though i confirmed the interview now I think I will not attend this *** scam interview. The Lady over the phone who scheduled the interview used the same words as mentioned above " to dress professionally " and " to bring your resume ". Better Be Aware!

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Sep 24

You are told to dress professionally because it is a cattle call sales presentation. They want everyone attending to look professionally, otherwise it will be turn off to the other sheep attending.

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Sep 09 Simi Valley, California

I had the same issue. I asked about the position she had no information asked about salary she had no inf. They told me I would be having an interview with Claire asked for Claire's phone number, said "no I cannot give it" . Gave me an address. I told her her I am not familiar with Camarillo if I get lost who do I call, then turn around to speak to someone in a foreign language?????
she hung up. It sounds like a company I was interviewed by some years ago. They went by a different
name People something or other.......They are scammers and I almost lost my money which I stupidly gave and learn.

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Sep 02

The reason you are told to dress professionally is because it is going to be a group presentation (can't call it an interview) and they want to create as professional an atmosphere as possible. The idea is if everyone (sheep) are in professional office attire, it will give the illusion to everyone they are dealing with a quality business environment.

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Sep 02

Well shoot. I am glad I saw this. I had an interview in a few hours which I was not going to go to because I didn't have the email they supposedly sent. And here I am thinking I lost it when it was never sent. I thought it was odd that they called my house and then I had no qualifications for the job. Plus I could not even understand half the stuff the lady was saying. And who says dress professionaly to an interview. Like u know I have been out the loop for a while but is that what we have come to???

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Aug 28

I went to the interview and took my resume as MOST companies will want you to bring a resume. I have not been to a company interview without a resume. As for dressing professionally, it is amazing how many people, especially the young, don't do that. I saw some come in with blue jeans, t-shirts, flip flops, etc.
I joined Bankers at it is an opportunity and the range in salary in dependent on how hard you work. The job is commission but ALL jobs are commission in insurance. They pay for your training. I had to pay for training for my license but ALL do in any insurance stance. Bankers paid the rest and even put me up in a hotel since I lived a distance from the training.
It is hard work but you are helping people in their lives and Bankers takes that seriously. As a reward you earn commission when you help people.
Obviously, the person who put this site up doesn't know anything about the insurance business and wants everything free

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