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Aug 04, 2010
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I was contacted by Bankers after they "picked up my resume on CareerBuilder" to be invited for an interview. Nothing wrong with that, however here are the warning signs:

1. The person contacting me sounded like she was reading from a script. She was unable to give me meaningful background for the position.

2. Initially I agreed to the interview however I asked for the following: (1) a position description of what they were looking for and (2) background about the company itself to be sent to me via e-mail. Neither ever arrived.

3. I was supposed to be contacted back the day prior to the "interview" to confirm. When I did not receive a call, I called them back. The same person who called me the first time answered and gave me the same sale pitch (almost verbatim) as during the initial contact. She seemed bothered by my questions and clearly wanted to get off the phone as quickly as possible. When I said that I never got the e-mail with the information I promised, she asked me to "check my spam filter"... A warning in and of itself.

4. The person I spoke to reminded me to "dress professionally" (really? For an interview??) and to "bring my resume"

All in all, the above is a scam. When a company seeks you out based on your credentials and the resume you post, they don't ask you to "...dress professionally and bring your resume...". They either seek you out, have an opportunity and want you for that position or they don't. In this case, they are blanketing job sites and cold-calling job seekers. I don't know how it is to work for them, however based on the large number of complaints, this can't be a good place to work at. - If you are not convinced by my logic, here some guidelines in general:

- NEVER pay for your training. If a company asks you to pay to get trained then RUN!

- NEVER trust a company who asks you to bring your resume to an "interview". Your resume is supposedly how they found you in the first place so they will have it.

- NEVER trust a company who, after an initial contact, does not follow up with serious materials as to what they would want you to do including a detailed description of the job(s) they are trying to fill.

- NEVER trust a company that gives you a salary range of "80k to 200k" (as was the case here) for a position that does supposedly not involve sales.

I will not be going to my interview. To all those who choose to go: the best of luck and I hope they don't wast too much of your time.

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Aug 28

I went to the interview and took my resume as MOST companies will want you to bring a resume. I have not been to a company interview without a resume. As for dressing professionally, it is amazing how many people, especially the young, don't do that. I saw some come in with blue jeans, t-shirts, flip flops, etc.
I joined Bankers at it is an opportunity and the range in salary in dependent on how hard you work. The job is commission but ALL jobs are commission in insurance. They pay for your training. I had to pay for training for my license but ALL do in any insurance stance. Bankers paid the rest and even put me up in a hotel since I lived a distance from the training.
It is hard work but you are helping people in their lives and Bankers takes that seriously. As a reward you earn commission when you help people.
Obviously, the person who put this site up doesn't know anything about the insurance business and wants everything free

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Aug 26

Thanks for all the post. I just received a call today saying that I have an interview on Thursday. And they want me to come professionally dressed and bring a resume. She was telling me limited information on the position. She stated that the position they are hiring for will consist of educating the member and being a sales agent. I informed her that I do not have a sales background at all and I do not want a position that consist of that. She said ok and that will no have to sale anything. But in the same breath said that I will have to try to get the members to upgrade on the products that they already have. I don't think that I will be attending the interview on Thursday. And if I have to pay to get paid that is ok.

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Aug 28

Go to the interview Londa. That's where you can ask questions regarding the job. I have no sales experience like cold calling on the phone BUT they use the Gryphon system where you don't bother those on the do not call list. They are looking for people with various backgrounds to relate to the clients they talk to.
The hardest part is taking the state exam for Life and Health. That cost is on you and is not that bad. So far Bankers has paid the rest and is in the top in the country in training. I have been with them 3 weeks and am not disappointed. Where I am, there is a great team to work with.

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Aug 28 San Francisco, California

If you do go Londa, do so only at YOUR convenience and don't miss work from an actual job that is paying you, in order to attend this cattle call.

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Aug 20 San Diego, California

I got this call, too. I was suspicious since I am in the medical field and was being recruited by what I assumed was an insurance company.

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Aug 20

Wow I got a call yesterday and no one seems to ever call back. I don't think I will bother with this!

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Aug 16

Thanks for posting this. I had an "interview" scheduled for Thursday. Glad I didn't waste my time.

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Aug 12

I quit Bankers because I didn't like all of the cold calling and because the person training me was keeping all of the commissions when I was promised a percentage. After I quit, they said that I owed them money and had a collection agency try to collect a large sum from me. Don't work for this company and don't buy any products from them.

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Aug 06

I got a similar call and am debating whether or not to go. I will state one thing from experience, my dad is a quality engineer, although it is not usual for them to ask you to have, the reason that is, is because you're supposed to be educated enough to know to bring it. If you don't bring it..... well consider it a *** eating process. Don't bring your resume, don't get the job. So please folks, do bring a resume, you shouldn't be told you need to bring it to know that.

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Aug 27

I worked as a recruiter and as an HR consultant for many years for different corporations (NOT with this lame company) and we always reminded candidates to bring a copy of their resume with them. It was standard and I honestly don't get why that bothers some people. It is a simple reminder.

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Jul 30

I applied through the Bankers Life and Casualty Ins website directly, to what I thought was a sales position with the company. I received an email and phone call stating how exited the manager was that I showed interest. All in all the company had no background per my experience.
The phone call I received sounded as if a script had been memorized, reminded me of the "interview" date and time, told me to dress professionally remember my resume, and they needed the cash upfront at a Bankers Houston Location. Attempts were made to contact the company regarding such a disturbing reminder call, of course all attempts had failed.
There is no reason what so ever an interviewee should have to pay for a job interview except for the clothes to wear, cost of transportation to and from, etc. I'm talking about honest and fair monetary requirements for an interview. Apparently this "job" poster is a scam and is not developed to hire individuals for employment, but to get rich easy off the unsuspecting.
It's a shame really in this particular day and age such scams are still legal. It's also a real shame if this is a truly legit company to consider the "values" the founder of the company, John D. MacArthur stood for and believed in. Assuming the story is real and this was indeed a real person, he'd be doing flips in his grave right now.

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Aug 28

It is too bad that you got a scam site. I was NEVER asked to bring money to all THREE interviews with the real Bankers. Obviously that site should be reported to a local office, if there is one in your area. The only money they asked from me was to do my background check. They refund that after you have been with them for at least 6 months.
At the first interview they did reveal how much it would be to get your state license, background check and a site to get a certification in long term care. They paid my week training and hotel bill. So I'd say you got a scam site NOT related to Bankers Life.

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Jul 30 St. Louis, Missouri

I have posted my resume online at indeed. Got a call shortly from a male who sounded professional. Ijust left my 1st interview and was invited to a 2nd. I am nor used to commission pay, but im thinking of giving it a try because I'm pretty desperate for a job. I've seen good reviews and bad also... Thissite being the only bad reviews I've seen. I will keep both pros and cons in mind though.

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Aug 04 Tarpon Springs, Florida

Trust me you do not want to work for this company.
I worked there for 9 months and lost more money than I made.
After you leave they will hold you hostage for money they say you owe them for "chargebacks".

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Aug 27

If this site is the only one where you found bad reviews, you have extremely poor web search skills. The internet is FULL of sites containing bad reviews on this company. Go to yahoo and google and search on Banker's Life scam and Banker's life complaints. I would just post links for you, but this site does not allow links to be posted.

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Jul 29

Thanks for the post. I'm 19 and got a call from them a week ago and just got a reminder call of my interview. I didn't think much of it when they first called, even though no matter how many times I told this woman no, she wouldn't take it for an answer. I may be desperate for a job, but I'm not desperate enough to go to this kind of stuff.

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Jul 25 Rockford, Illinois

i got the same call with the same ammo, only difference is i did get a reminder e mail .I too found it odd ,no job description. i did propped some into the company .It sounds like a job selling insurance of some sort . a commission based job. Which usually means self employment .You would have to buy cold calling lists and find your own clients from their office and they get some commission percent , because in a way you work under them . I am glad i came across this warning it confirms my suspicions .Thank you for taking the time to alert others .

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Jul 11 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

You are an ***! It's people like you who ruin company reputations for no reason. For sales people that are use to working on commission, it is what it is. No one was drafted. No one was enslaved to work for them. Florida requires a license to work in many fields, insurance being one of them. If you applied for a job where licensing is required, and you didn't have a license for the position, then shame on you. Training is NOT free in any career. Go work at a retail store for an hourly salary, with a limited opportunity for advancement. In ALL commission jobs, you get paid what you are worth. Period! Why does everyone feel so entitled as of late? They do not owe you anything! BTW, No, I do NOT work for them as yet. I will though. Despite your "warnings"

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