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  • Customers like
    • How the agent kept in touch about what ever we needed 1
    • How the policy paid for moms burial cost and we had no worries 1
    • Work environment 1
  • Customers don't like
    • Poor representation 3
    • Horrible place to work for 3
    • Ripping off seniors 2

I keep getting called multiple times by the company wanting me for a position. The say that my resume online is exactly what they want and I want. It doesn't say anything on there about me wanting to do sales. I have told them over the past two months on the phone and through email that I am not interested. But yet they keep contacting me. I want them to get the hint and stop contacting me. Read more

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My husband and I paid into our Bankers Life Long Term Care Policy for 16 year. My spouse had to be admitted to Assisted Living. Every month since then Bankers has made my life a living ***. They pay out the wrong amount , it takes another month to get that settled, it is a continuous struggle to try and get them to do the right thing. They play games with you on the phone, loose documents and have no interest in getting the dispute settled. ... Read more

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Honestly speaking I am the type of individual who prefer to find out about things myself,however;reading all these reviews somewhat makes sense because of the same way it was done inrelates to the phone call I had received telling me something is not right so I just played along & gave the impression I was interested.As I always say "you can't be too careful these days" too much scamming is going on in this country. Read more

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I'm having trouble getting someone to contact me I want to change banks and need info from my agent who has been fired but no one else will text me I don't have vocal cords Read more

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I became aware of an online post and felt the need to comment and clarify. I have been a highly respected agent of this company for 30 + years in the Duluth, MN office. To succeed at Bankers Life all it takes is hard work. A person must be able to form strong relationships with the ultimate goal of helping people protect the Life of Their Retirement. Management provides plenty of training opportunities, however it is up the agent to... Read more

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This company is terrible. First of all, they delay processing claims due to their error i.e. not checking their fax for required documentation, which results in you paying for their mistakes. Then, there are always new policies and procedures everytime you call and check on your claim, and different required documentations, after you have submitted what they asked you for. For instance, I was asked to provide evidence of an incident that was... Read more

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I have been working with this company for nearly one year. I have jumped through more hoops than I can count. My husband has a long term care policy, I have P.O.A., we have met the 90 day period which we are required to fund, and now having lots of trouble getting them to pay the bills. It has gotten to the point where I despise getting our mail because most days we receive some kind of communication from them, and most of the time it is... Read more

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I highly advise anyone who reads this never take a job with bankers if u do get use to spending way more than u will make ripping people off long long days no family time and even tho you're an independent contractor management makes you feel a sence of obligation to stay till 9 12 hour days everyday except Sunday been there 2 months made not a dime spent 2 grand driveing all over the state on false leads and appointments because the people you... Read more

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With regulation upon regulation in any field of financial planning these days, I was pleased to learn about the in-depth training, ethics, and moral approach instilled in Bankers Life & Casualty agents. If you apply for "work" at BLC you need the drive and discipline to learn to "work" - with a server's heart. It takes commitment to being a "self-starter" entrepreneur in a full blown life-career, plus a clear understanding of "WHY?" you do... Read more

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I need an agent to call me asap!!! None of your phone numbers seem to work and, an agent hasn't conacted me in 2Years!!! Kathleen Spencer, 912-433-0201

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