Very unconsiderate of my requests

Bankers Life is with out a doubt the worst company I have ever had to deal with, to try to get my money. I have tried several times to fax my request, and no body knows nothing. They say they never received it. I have the fax received reports that says they did. I think it is a bunch of uneducated dumb *** that could not get a job anywhere else. They like to put you through extream preassure to make you krazy. Maybe this will be another one those failers that go belly up. I am still waiting for a call back.
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Are you sure that the faxed recieved posts said they recieved the faxes, because for someone who is so *** that they can't even spell "crazy" correctly, perhaps you read wrong.

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Reston, Virginia

Decived and avoided

I purchased policies for my great children . Bankers Life has been taken the payments out of my bank account monthly. I called for information on the policies and to purchase for other great grandchildren. Bankers Life representive told me they have no information on the policies I have been paying on for 6 years. I have made numerous calls and sent letters. Now no one can tell me anything about the $50,000 policies and now no one will respond! I need an email addy to contact Bankers Life...any help here? I am 85 years old and I think this is just a horrible thing to do to anyone let alone someone of my age!
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Do you have an agent? if not you should!

you are supposed to be able to call an agent. Call your local office and they should be able to help you!!

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance

Bankers Life ratings>>Not so good!

ACCORDING TO WHAT I JUST FOUND>>>COPIED AND PASTED FROM AM BEST WEBSITE: A.M. Best also has affirmed the FSR of B++ (Good) and upgraded the ICR to "bbb+" from "bbb" of Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company (Bankers Fidelity) (Atlanta, GA). The outlook for all the above ratings is stable. this is not good! There are other companies with A+ ratings or better. Why choose a company with a B rating>>>no reason to. In school, yes B was fine. In the insurance world, it is hardly average. This is disappointing, many years ago, this company had a little integrity....not so much anymore.
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You have 2 different companies listed bankers life and casualty in the heading and bankers fidelity life in the rating. Bankers life and casualty is owned by cno financial and would share the parent companies rating


Uh, Genworth is not in trouble, but Banker's Life is. You may be confusing GE or Genworth Financial with Genworth Life Insurance Co. Genworth Life is the company that issues long term care insurance.


The B rating is investment grade. Its considered secure. Note AIG and Genworth are both A rated and are in trouble.

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Hays, Kansas
New Reviewer

Another one bites the dust. . . . .

I used to work for Bankers, I left because I just wasn't making that much money. The company is slow to pay up, many agents are owed hundreds of dollars in back pay. I'm still owed around $700. Working in a class for two weeks and paying $350 for the class, state exam and fingerprints before you've even made a dime is tough. Plus, you have to think about actually doing the job. Tell me honestly, Have you ever, ever in Life allowed someone that you didn't know, from a company you never, never heard of to come into your house on a couple of days notice? I never have and why the *** should the clients?!? Rant over, run while you can. Go to an insurace company that at least people have heard of. good luck!
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This company is a branch off of Conseco Financial. They are seriously recruiting agents to solicit and sale to people who can not afford a policy, usually a policy that they don't need or Bankers has no intention of paying.

The company falls under the heading of lagalized scammers in thousands of former employees and poor families eyes.

It's sad. As I read in other comments, if you have any morals, do not work for this company.


wow, I actually just rec'd a call from a hiring rep there asking to set up an interview and now that I have read this thankfully, I will decline. He truly made the job sound to good to be true...I guess, at my age, I should have known there was a thanks for sharing

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Los Angeles, California
Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance
New Reviewer

Banker's Deceive You and Expect Slavery

I went to what I and others were misled to believe our singular job interview. Many of us drove 200 miles or more round trip for this interview. After I got there I was checked of on a list and herded into a tightly packed room with many others. We were informed that this was the first of three separate interviews and this one basically to describe the job and have us fill out a psych form, clearly to see who was a Type A personality, yet obedient and flexible; one who can be easily exploited and manipulated with promises of greatness and wealth and empty words of flattery. From the video and verbal presentation I was convinced that in spite of the super-performer and above and beyond call I could still make a good living not killing myself for them so when I left and handed in my psych self-eval I attempted to get considered that day (later after lunch) for at least the second interview due to my long and expensive drive. Heather informed me that I would be required to make at least two 200 mile trips a week to their location in Grand Rapids if I were hired. I told her that was not put in the job description as travel is supposed to be on Michigan Works where I found their job listing. In fact the job posting stipulated my town as work location. I left telling her to forget me. I asked others after wards and discovered that they were deceived also at least about the "singular" interview. What is an atrocity is that they emphasize a code of integrity!!!
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Glad I read this first. I just received a voicemail from this company.

I chose to research it first because I have been victim to companies like this before. Nice to know I gained some insight before attempting to call them back and see what they are offering.

Now I won't waste my time. Thanks for all you posts everyone.


when i went to the first interview and filled out the form about how interested i was, i wrote things like i dont know why i'm here and this company has no benefits for me. next thing i know, they're calling me saying i'm qualified and want to interview me.


You Banker people need to listen to yourselfs.

Any outsider can tell by the way you bicker etc, that there is something wrong here.

The message is help out the elderly with you guys and all I hear is the opposite.

I'm sure there is a more honorable way to make a living and at the same time really help the elderly.

Joke is the first word that comes to mind.

I'm sure one of you Banker Elitest will have some 22 year old words of wisdom on this one. Real selling attraction!!


:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


K :(




Greg, I am thamkful that this commentary was able to help you. I know what you mean about that Banker's agent.

But what I am realizing is that sales is the kind of job a gambler would love. There is the attraction of those few who luck out and made it big. It really is a game of odds with your life at stake. Odds which you aren't even able to try to calculate because some factors are hid from you until they have you.

At a gambling casino or lottery at least you can accurately calculate your odds of winning.

From what I have seen fron the additional comments here and the other site alluded to, the majority here want NOTHING to do with Banker's. That Banker's agent Really muddied up the water with that LONG filobuster saying practically nothing relevant to the items above at all.


Ok your whole statement is ignorant in and of itself. Anyone named Bankers agent is of course going to try and lure you into his trap.

He insults everyone who isnt with him and acts like his employee's are better then everyone else. You know what I am happy I did the research before going into the interview Monday. Seeing how much of all these banker punks are elitest.

Enjoy screwing other over, but I am happy I read up on the situation before going full steam ahead. Oh and by the way my grammer might not be perfect, but I dont use spell checker for something that should come from the heart.


Well spoken "C." That BBB rating I would have to check on though, ie; what year, what geographical area, what category or division, etc. I think the biggest conflict or complaint here is not lazy/hard worker or ***-poor mentallity/***-rich mentality but rather is the differentiation of sales as opposed to other employment.

Sales work requires a particular type of personality and character and a person who is more willing to gamble with their future employment with the same company. It also requires one who is willing and able to put a lot more of themselves and their resources into the intial phase of employment with no guaratee of a return for their investment or for future longevity, as I said. Not that this is nesessarily a bad quality at all. But many people would not see investing so much with no guaranteed return very prudent or wise and would rather work for an established dollar anount per hour/mile/piece/or whatever.

We need both types to make the world go around; just as we need gung ho career military and liberal pacifists. After my familiarization described at the beginning of this I know now that I want nothing to do with a sales type of work committment.


All I know is that if you google any company, large or small, you will find equally pissed off blogs and a respectable amount of praise blogs. These forums are mostly fodder for disgruntled ex-employees and the unemployed who by their own sabotage are missing the money boat because they adhere to the ***-poor mentality grossly displayed on most "pissed consumer" blogs.

Let's be clear: there is not, has not been nor will there ever be a single company through the course of human history that is going to garner 100% praiseworthy publicity. For those seeking employment opportunities with BLC I say consider the source. If you want accurate, regulated information then contact the BBB or DOI for your state. Please do not fall prey to the self loathing trap set by the unsuccessful.

By the way, BLC has an A+ rating with the BBB. I know this not because I am a BLC agent but rather I took the initiative to research it myself...from reputable sources. I do not mean to come across harshly.

I know from personal experience I almost missed the best opportunity of my life because I fell victim to the 'blog mob'. Bottom line, find unbias advice and opinions before making a decision.

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Run Around/Not what it seems

.bankers life likes selling there long term care to seniors all the time telling them how great the coverage is. They never tell you how hard it is to get payments out of them. If you call them with questions all you get is a run around. For a company that claims they like to help seniors what they really mean they like helping them out of there money. I have been trying for months to get answers about policy questions for the policy my parents took out years ago. All I can say is buyer beware this is a palce to go if you want to throw your money away
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My aunt and uncle have just been told that their home care policy was canceled (without notice) after Banker's Life took upwards of $20,000 in premiums. I agree: DON'T BUY ANY POLICY OR ANYTHING FROM BANKER'S LIFE!!

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Lubbock, Texas
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Get ready for the Run Around

My mother suffered a massive stroke in 1975. She is partially paralyzed and is blind on her left side, as well as deaf on her left side. She has no use of her left arm at all. Today it is September 04, 2008. She is still alive and going strong. My mother walks with a supportive brace. In July she was visiting relatives and had a TIA. She fell and broke her good arm, fractured it in fact where she needed surgery. My mother moved in with my wife and I, after my father passed in 2002. After surgery we contacted Banker's. They informed us that with her doctor making the claim, to go ahead and get home healthcare started. We found an assisted care CNA business that sent CNA's to the house to take care of my mother. My mother has been spending $900.00 a week to pay these CNA's. Weeks pass. I began to write and call Banker's. I spoke to an agent who informed me that it would take time to process the forms and that they were waiting for billing. My 70 year old mother began to heal and her good arm was in a stablizing condition where she had limited use, but still needed a CNA for perry care and hygiene matters, as well as fully clothing herself. My mother use to dress everyday, but now only wears a short nightgown. I call Bankers again asking about payment, they ask about my mother's condition and being the honest guy that I am I tell them that her health is improving. Again I had to wait for payments. Yesterday I get a call from an agent in some office in Chicago who informed me that Baker's feels that my mother's condition wasn't severe enough for them to issue payment compensation. I was informed that my mother had to be in a "catastrophic" state for 90 days before they issue payment for CNA care. And that if I read the Policy that I would've known this. I disagreed and informed them of my mother's past medical history. They never knew she has a massive stroke in 1975, nor a TIA. So now they are sending their nurse to evaluate my mother's condition. So at the moment I feel that my mother and I, who are now out of $6200.00 out of pocket, are fixing to get the "run around" even further. On the advice of a friend, I decided to look for our state's insurance commissioner office to see if I need to file a formal complaint. I'm also speaking to a health insurance attorney for advice. Be careful in dealing with these folks. Record all phone conversations with them and document everything. Remember if its not on paper it doesn't exsist in the eyes of the court and don't forget to date everything too!! Even a large yellow notepad, with just dates and incidents can be used in court. I went online to see if anyone else had problems and I'm glad I went online to read what I found here. It seems like the only way to get things done is to attack them legally. Bankers needs a rewrite in their policy and own up to helping people. In truth I'm just disappointed... and pissed.
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i am so glad that i took the time to come to this sight i have an interview with them on tuesday but i am not going. who would want to work for a company like this.and i feel real bad for the people that get suckerd into getting a policy with them i would not be able to sleep at night know that they do people like this.this kind of job is for people with no soles


Honestly I feel that they are scam artists. First off, a lady called me from their office and told me she was going to email me the directions three days before the interview.

The called was blocked so I couldn't get a hold of her and she mumbled the name of the company. I needed a job so I just waited for the email that never came.

I just got an email today about rescheduling it because they felt I was a good candidate. I think they are full of it.


Wow..Thanks for this site. Likewise, I put my resume on a few sites and received the "song and dance" email from them about how I would be a "good fit" for the company. I know now not to pursue this.


Thanks to this, and other posts from this site, I just avoided the "interview" for the "sales management" position. This is the second job scam I've come across... I swear, I'm going to become a professional shoe shiner!


i work for bankers the 90 elimination period is what you choose in your policy. the policies have 0 day upto 90 day elimination periods, like car insurance people choose a deductable of $250 UPTO $1500 , you choose for your mom the 90 day elimination period most likely to keep cost down, also bankers does not have nurses on staff, the claims are paid based on YOUR doctors letter stating her health. STOP BLAMING BANKERS


Someone called my 81 year old dad who I live with and wants to come over to my house to meet with him . .they said he had filled out some paperwork which he doesn't remember doing.

Should we even let this guy come over ? .

.I've been hearing a lot of mixed things about them. My dad is already on Medicare as well as a supplemental


after reading these blogs. I will NOT be going to my interview on Wednesday.


Im supposed to have an interview with them on Monday. Is it worth going?


as a former field agent for bankers trust me this is not the 1st time i have heard this! that is the best thing you could of done was to go to the commissioner in your state.

they squirm when they hear that! to get care through bankers they say you can't do 2 of the 5 activities of daily living such as: bathing, transportation, dressing, getting in and out of bed, and using the bathroom. depending on the elimation period on your policy that is what you should pay for until your policy kicks in!

once that policy kicks in you will not have to pay, sometimes you do but they have to file the claims and get your check back! hopefully some of this can help!


hey man sorry to hear about that that is sad really is. I just got back from an interview with them come to find out its all "deferred compensation and commission" 100% them people I feel are scam artists.... good luck with your journey to sue.

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Jacksonville, North Carolina
Bankers Life And Casualty Company Claim

Banker's life long term care insurance horrible experience!!

My mother has an active, current long term care insurance policy with Banker's Life. She is living in an assisted living facility. Recently, Banker's denied our 2nd claim because my mother dresses herself. She must use a walker to go 10 ft. and has had 2 unsucessful back surgeries and is living 24 / 7 in an assisted living facility, but because she dresses herself they are denying her claim. So, instead of receiving any benefits, in her time of need, she is still paying monthly premiums. I have no doubt that Banker's Life has no intention of ever paying a claim regardless of the circumstances.
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I agree with Jeff, Barney and ac. The reimbursements (payments received by insurance companies) are based on what the doctors prescribed for your loved one and on how the nurses classified your loved one in the medical records.

That's how all policies including Medicare and Medicaid determine how much to pay based on your loved one's medical condition. There is a rating system to determine how much to receive from all insurance companies including Bankers. All insurance companies determine the reimbursement to pay back to the client or the facility, based on the claims submitted by the nursing facility, home health care agency or the assisted living facility. There is a difference between all these facilities.

Assisted living facilities are for residents who are more independent so qualifying for reimbursements from long term care policies are harder. Nursing facilities are for residents requiring more nursing care so reimbursements from insurance companies are easier because the resident requires more medical assistance, and so forth. Go to and check Medicare coding to determine how Medicare "reimburses" the facility and that will give you the foundation on how insurance companies pay. It's not the insurance companies to blame on, it's how everyone in the health industry report the person's health through the government agency.

There is a different code for each type of care. Insurance companies look at the same report submitted by the facilities through the same government agency - CMS - who is in charge of Medicare.


crd, I'm sorry to hear about your mom, I lost my step mom this year to the nasty disease.

Get ready, everytime you file a claim, they'll fine a loop hole. My parents had this *** inurance for years, & they never paid out one red cent in LTC. They even refused to pay the Hospice care at the end of her life, supposedly they're excluded from the contract.

Turn the *** into your states commissioner of insurance. They do investigate Bankers as soon as you file a report, plus being a bad report against Bankers, supposedly if the commissioner gets enough complaints, they put Bankers through an audit. If enough complaints are against them, then the outcome maybe Bankers can't sell in your state anymore.

May God Bless your mom and your family.


Well - I just received the first denial letter on my Mom's LTC policy. They said she is "too independent" - she has alzheimers, doesn't have a clue where she is or what day it is but yes, she can still walk, shower and dress herself--guess it doesn't matter that her mind is not working.......I will now try to file an appeal - wish me luck


Jeff: You sound so ignorant. My mother has had nothing but problems with these people...if that is what you want to call them.

Yes do check around...before you buy.

But they prey on the elderly that don't know about doing those things. Call the bbb..they will tell you about this company.


I cancelled my plan with this company in Jan of 2009. They are still taking a payment out of my checking every month.

I have written them,e-mailed them, and contacted my representative. He never called me back.

Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


Bankers Life is now owned by Conseco Corp and is rated the fifth worst rated in the nation by the Department of justice. They are being sued for the denial of claims like your mom's.

bankers used to be a good company before Coseco took over. Their financial stability is VERY shaky at this time and has a C rating according to Moody's which is scarry for an insurance company. The managers are making a LOT of money and lie, cheat and steal to sell a policy. If they dont make their numbers then the higher ups tell them they are fired and most of them are making over $200,000 per year on average.

Its the money that keeps them lying and cheating. This company is really bad!

If you check other certain companies their names are on the Fortune 500 & 300 and arent even on pissed consumer. Do homework before you give them any money!


Banker's just raised my rate $57 without notice. Upon calling, they said my State had approved it - what does that mean?

I had just extended the time and began paying a larger premium less than 6 months ago.

Are they a financially sound company or not? Thanks


Bankers, what can I say about them......Talk to your local assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Ask them if they have good luck with Bankers Life.

You don't have to listen to any of the things that have to say about Bankers Life. Do a little research on your own. I look at the agents that work for them and then compare them to other advisors I know and wow what a difference. Granted there are people out there in any company that are flat out dishonest, but some of the people that you meet from Bankers....they are, how can I say it nicely, another breed of people....for the most part.

The ones that are still honest are probably brand spanking new. People>>>>just because you found a premium that is so much lower than everyone elses.......doesn't automatically mean it is better. Take a little time, do some research, check out the company, CALL YOUR STATE INSURANCE OFFICE AND ASK THEM FOR A REPORT ON THE COMPANIES YOU ARE CONSIDERING!!!!!!!

good luck. Bankers Life is not the only bad egg out there.


Bankers was looked at by 44 states and there was not ONE issue. Bankers does not make the choice YOUR doctor must put in writing that YOUR DOCTOR believes she needs help. Blame your doctor, or brake your moms leg but Don't Blame Bankers


You mother must not be able to perform 2 of six(6) ADLs- activities of daily living; bathing, toileting, dressing, transfering, eating, continence, cognitive. She may well quilify after another meeting with her doctor, make sure you are present and communicate her concerns to her doctor. Also, Bankers is under court settlement to review all LTC claims and pay fines, penalties and pay most all claims.

You can get more unbiased information at

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Stone Mountain, Georgia
Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance

Banker's life long term care insurance horrible experience!!

My mother and father have had a long term health care insurance policy form Banker's life and casualty since 1998. My father is now deceased and never made a claim from Banker's Life. My mother is currently (9-1-07) living in an assisted living facility. We have filed 2 long term care claims with Banker's life in the last 12 months, both have been denied. So, now that she is need of the policy benefits, not only does she not receive a single dime, she is still paying approximately $100.00 a month in premiums. Please be very careful in selecting a long term care insurance provider. I wish that my parents would have just invested the approximately $10,000 in a good mutual fund instead of wasting it on a Banker's life Long term care insurance policy.
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My firm is representing claimants against Bankers Life and Casualty who were unfairly denied benefits. Often resulting in a lack of necessary care.

We have seen instances where injuries and deaths have arisen during the claims process denying care and increasing stress on the individuals and families at the time of their greatest need.

Puls & Haney,L.L.C., 300 Brunett St., Suite 160, Fort Worth, Texas 76102. Or call us at (817) 498-****.


Mom payed Banker's Life Home Healthcare premiums for twelve years and when she needed the help, they used every trick in the book to turn her down. I have read this blog and any other that I can find to search for an answer that could help us.

Finally someone suggested I contact Art Levinson alevinson@***.com. Not only did he get them to honor Banker's Life committment to Mother, he was able to recoup the money we had been paying for her daily home healthcare since October.


Mom payed Banker's Life Home Healthcare premiums for twelve years and when she needed the help, they used every trick in the book to turn her down. I have read this blog and any other that I can find to search for an answer that could help us.

Finally someone suggested I contact Art Levinson alevinson@***.com.

Not only did he get them to honor Banker's Life committment to Mother, he was able to recoup the money we had been paying for her daily home healthcare since October.


For over 2 years, I have been trying to get payment for my mother's Long-term care with Banker's. They can't keep the claims straight, don't contact me and don't pay attention to what is sent them The last letter I received from them didn't even have my name spelled correctly!

or the clam correct that they have been working on. I guess this is SOP for them from other posts on this site.

Glad to hear there are lawsuits against them. I would like to know anyone from Oklahoma that is also needing help.


Bankers Life has turned the filing of claims and the pursuit of "service" into a Kafkaesque nightmare that is shameful since it impacts the dignity of the elderly and their families and caregivers when they are most vulnerable. Bankers Life is institutionalized theft and abuse.

HOw can this be done to the "nation's greatest generation"? Where is the oversight?


Bankers Life has basicly stolen $70,000 from my mom in long term care payments over the last 30 years. They have denied her claim and .looking for a class action suit also, please could someone help us all get this rolling?


My mother is in memory care. We had to fight BL to allow the claims they denied on the basis that we could not prove level of care.

At that time the facility did not provide itemized statements so we had provide the contract detailing her care and were still denied. We didn't have Steven Gunn but we had my sister who called everyone in BL until she finally reached the agent who reviews claims. She finally wore her down and we have received all but one month's claim.

Don't give up...push back! No one under the stress of caring for an elderly parent should have to endure this!


This is becoming almost the standard procedure for long term care insurance companies unfortunately.

My business associate Steven Dunn had the same thing happen to his father about 5 years again but he's a lawyer so he whipped the insurance companies butt in court and he has made something of a name for himself in Florida by getting a Supreme Court of Florida ruling that basically says that anytime the insurance company uses ambiguous language in the contract it is to be read in favor of the beneficiary not the insurance company. He's whipped insurance butts pretty regularly since his first family court case!

He has a website with videos of him talking about all aspects of the long-term care insurance It's worth a look.


This might be of help to some of you folks...certainly hope so as assistance to fight this is needed: Government Action(s)As of March 30, 2008, Bankers Life and Casualty Company with Conseco Senior Health Insurance Company entered into a Regulatory Settlement Agreement with the Commissioner of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, the Director of the Illinois Division of Insurance, the Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Insurance, the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, and the Commissioner of the Texas Department of Insurance, and each of the remaining states and the District of Columbia that agree to adopt the agreement. According to a North Carolina Department of Insurance news release, the settlement, which arose after regulators uncovered a pattern BBB Definition: pattern - More than 2 complaints involving the same allegations usually within 12 months that are significant in relation to the company's size and volume of business.

of problems with the company Conseco, Inc., resulted in a $2.3 million fine and an additional $30 million in claims-handling improvements and restitution. The settlement involves Bankers Life and Casualty Company, as well as Conseco Senior Health Insurance Company, two Conseco subsidiaries, and covers claims filed from January 1, 2005 through April 30, 2007. Consumers who filed a claim with either of these two companies which was later denied may be eligible for a review and reversal of that denial. Policyholders should call Conseco at 1-86*-***-****.

Regulators found that: -Investigations of pending claims were not handled in a timely manner; -Claim files were not properly documented or maintained; and -Timeframes for company responses to claimants did not adhere to applicable regulations. According to the terms of the settlement, Conseco Senior Health Insurance Company, which is not actively writing new policies, will automatically review 1,112 claims that were initially denied; it will provide notices to another 18,000 policyholders covering 49,000 claims that may have been partially denied or subsequently denied after initial payment; and will set up a toll-free call center for all claimants who believe their claim settlement was not handled properly. The multi-state investigation found that the primary problems in most cases were delays in claim payments rather than outright claim denials.

In the case of Bankers Life and Casualty Insurance Company, which is writing new policies, the investigation uncovered inadequate marketing and sales compliance issues. This multi-state examination was coordinated with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' (NAIC) market analysis working group and was conducted on behalf of more than 40 participating states.


No way to correct after the posting, Christi, that's story out of Rhode Island, there's Tacoma, WI Fox story on Bankers Life and Casualty Company, and more to come!

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Stone Mountain, Georgia
Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance

Bankers' Life floats on beneficiaries money.

My father died February 10. He had an annuity with Banker's Life. I made claim for the money on behalf of myself and two sibling in April. I never heard anything from BL. I contacted the local office mid May and they said we never returned the claim forms. We never...
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Well, Kat, seems you must work for Bankers, We are not rich and our policy was only enough for his funeral, but we are also getting the run-a- round. Come on, this is cut and dry,paid in since 75, died at 94, 2009.

Can't get anyone to really talk to us.

All claim forms, death certicate, still nothing. Thank God we had the money to at least bury


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Wichita, Kansas
Bankers Life And Casualty Company Claim

It's true they are crooks

I worked for BKC for two years, I personally saw or hear every excuse possible made to clients when it came time to get benefits paid. I emailed, sent registered mail, got home office people names and supervisor's assurances, things were being handled. Ya, you guessed it, it dragged on, and on. You name the excuse, the clients heard it. It took the insurance commissioner to get one client paid and LTC claim. I personally know a client that is currently getting the run-a-round about getting his LTC policy paid that he has been paying on for 15 years. It's been 9 weeks and still no money, even when the client has a two week elimination period. A field manager stated, "you pay the first two weeks, and then Bankers pays." Well, the money has run out, the help had to let go and Bankers is still reviewing the case! I could write more, but it almost too much to be true..... One word - Beware!
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Northampton, Pennsylvania
Bankers Life And Casualty Company Claim
New Reviewer

They had me beleave that I was getting a job.

I put my resume on the internet and I got a call to come in for an interview. So I went and then they called me back for a second and a theird interview. They had me come back and fill out some thing's on the computer and told me they would have a man named Tod...
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The longest jounrey starts with a single step .I think this is a huge Organization .In 1985, I had a Three Month Training Programme with them in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They were really good and have got a huge Potential for corporate advancement for you Most importantly that you should be a batchelor, and no dependants to worry about .; i.e., a Family or the like since you are on Commission Basis rather than with a Monthly steady income and yet it is worth the try Be assured of one thing though .ONCE A SALESMAN .ALWAYS A SALESMAN .It doesn't matter whether or not you have the right experience..

You will get it with the passage of time, and it is hoped you will grasp the whole concept in a Six Month Period That's why you need to take it seriously as though it is your job forever .Be also assured that it REALLY PAYS OFF QUITE WELL when it comes to Commision on a Big Deal ..Try to start with Co. Inactive Accounts / Potentials for a start Maybe you get lucky where others have failed and you will learn what to say how to say it .You will learn from your mistakes .I very much encourage you going for it; provided you HAVE THE WILL TO LEARN THE AMBITION TO CLIMB UP THE LADDER towards the Professionals .I know for sure some of the Senior Ones used to earn more than a Couple of Million Dollars on Anual basis out of Commission .

They were covering a Number of States, and not only the City they were situated in .It involved Lots of Travel back in 1985, but with nowadays' Internet the like, I am sure distances has been minimized to almost Zero I wonder if Mr. Brian Lucas still works with them It is just a name ingraved into my head Go for it and best of luck .References :

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Waukegan, Illinois

Banker's Life & Casualty will not honor contracts

Mother died back in December, 2007, leaving two annuities. The one left to her second husband was eventually paid to his power of attorney. Banker's has yet to honor the claim for the second, left to her sister, two daughters and a foster child. First Bankers tried...
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Some *** agent sold my mother four life insurance policies. They may have sold her more but I found out.

They policies were cancelled but they are still taking money out of her account two months later. Now they are just randomly taking money from her account. We complained to the Better Business Bureau in Illinois and Banker's Life told them there is a check in the mail. There is no check.

They are crooks and thieves. Stay far away from these predators of the elderly.

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Reston, Virginia
Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance
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