Jacksonville, Florida

This company is a F'n joke!!! They are all "Beauty school dropouts" of the insurance industry.

Successful licensed agents work at New York Life, Met Life, Prudential, etc. Bankers Life employs anyone who can pass a back ground check and has a heartbeat. They hire 30 new people ever month, and then then 90% quit within the first week. Banker's then tell the remaining people left that "those are the people that couldn't make it in our wonderful company" as they are pouring the KoolAid down the new hires throat with a beer bong.

The new hires of the company are usually retired people looking for another job, or people unaware that they have been duped into thinking they will all make $200k per year. The average monthly compensation is between $1800-$2300 per month. (I have current reports to prove it). Only 1 or 2 people per location make 6 figures per year and usually these people stick their fangs into the new people and use them to do their dirty work as they promise to "split" them on deals.

If you are a woman new hire, WATCH OUT! You will be preyed upon by management & veteran agents and expected to "date" if you want to be successful. Sexual advances and harassment are a daily problem at this company because they don't do anything to address it. If you want leads or to be split on deal ladies you will be expected to return the favor!

Bankers will invest nothing into their agents from a monetary stand point, yet expect people to drive all over America knocking on people's doors trying to get your foot in to fill out a form. They tell us to do "drive byes" and randomly knock on the door of people turning 65 to sell insurance and set up a future appointment. Guess how many people tell us what we want to hear so they can quickly close the door? All of them!

Then when you return to your so called appointment, you are left standing at the door like a fool because they really didn't want to see us to begin with. I've never seen any insurance company in my 16 years as an agent market the way Bankers Life does. If you think this is bad, here is how a day at the office is experienced. You are expected to show up early to make every single morning sales production meeting and then told to make your phone calls for appointments all morning and afternoon.

These are cold calls mind you. Not people actually looking for Bankers Life products. They have a million team meetings a week which is nothing more than an opportunity to mentally pound on agents if they haven't sent in a any new business. Now for my haters, I know what you're thinking, "If you don't write business then you should be fired or you should quit".

This is true if done professionally which is NOT how Bankers Life does it. They tell you when to come to work and when to leave (all illegal according to the US Labor Board when you are 1099), pay you *** on commissions, charge back everything, and publicly embarrass agents to try and "motivate" them. Bankers Life & Casualty is a chop shop, and Boiler Room! Every location across America is the same.

Non are different.

I have had the opportunity to see multiple locations. I regret ever accepting a position at this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance.

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Is the sentence referring to New York Life saying that they are much more legit? Just curious. They contacted me about being an agent.


The SOB's need to be sued by all the seniors they have scammed. Washington DC was suppose to be investigating Bankers, but evidently somebody got paid to back off.



So true you story above!!!!


Check this out too, they are being sued now in Chicago (their home office) for Unfair Labor Standards. Violating the Labor rules in the United states.

Plaintiffs: Kerry Sachs , Richard Macht , Aaron Gordon , Adam Patterson , Paul Richard , Richard Waxman , Gary Doty and Blake H. Ryan

Defendants: Bankers Life and Casualty Company and Scott R. Perry

Case Number: 1:2012cv04156

Filed: May 24, 2012

Court: Illinois Northern District Court

Office: Chicago Office

County: XX US, Outside the State of IL

Presiding Judge: James B. Zagel

Nature of Suit: Labor - Fair Labor Standards Act

Cause: 02:431

Jurisdiction: Federal Question