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There are many great places to work in the insurance industry but Bankers Life isn't one of them! If you have a soul, compassion and the desire to provide value in the products you represent, look elsewhere! To be successful in this as with any industry requires hard work and dedication but you don't need to sacrifice your personal ethics to prosper. Quite the opposite...Over the long haul being honest and giving credible advice to all prospects/clients will ultimately generate you more business than being deceptive or underhanded. Most people appreciate when you give them the best possible advice even if that means they should keep what they have and you don't sell them! I've had many referrals from people I didn't sell...because I was honest and told them the truth!

Bankers has a history of stalling people on LTC claims(see video) and pushing agents to sell people policies that aren't always in their best interest. On a comparative basis they are one of the most expensive carriers in the marketplace.Do your research and shop around; talk to an independent insurance broker who represents many different companies; look on your state's Dept of Insurance website for comparison tools.

Bankers treats new agents like fodder...they hope they will sell a few policies to friends, family or prospects before 90-95% burn out and quit since they are spending their own money to get licensed, chase leads and service former agents complaints. After they do quit they'll get notified that they owe the company the bulk of the small amount of money they made, which is probably less than they spent on gas, cell phone and supplies! They don't tell you upfront that they are charging you for lead lists that have been recycled over and over! If there are any "real" inbound inquiries new agents will never see them! Your manager is also a selling agent so they will scoop them up or give them to a senior agent. When you set appts and go out with a veteran agent they will take a big portion of your commission!

When you're dealing with seniors, their healthcare and livelihood wouldn't you want to help them find the best option for them at the lowest cost so that your advice is credible and your service is a value to them? If so Bankers policies ARE NOT in their best interest! Look at their complaint ratio it's one of the highest in the with your state Insurance Dept.

When you do the right thing by every prospect every day you never have to be ashamed of who you are and what you represent! Your clients will appreciate it too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance.

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Bankers Life Colonial Penn / The company was formerly known as Conseco, Inc.( largest Bankruptcy in American History) and changed its name to CNO Financial Group... Weak and ignorant Management, Lies and misdeeds...Churn and burn...

it is true - they are criminals....


I worked for bankers for 2 yrs. only because I didn't have any other job opportunities.

It's terrible, the higher ups make money off of your production. So they act like they like you and do forth...

However, the branch manager in Greenville is the only good guy that I've met. He used to be in Columbia as a unit sales manager


I just passed my state life and health exam. I'm supposed to go meet with BL&C Friday to fill out paperwork to receive my license.

All these negative reviews have made me think hard about my choice. Does anyone have suggestions of companies I can apply to here in SC that will talk to me especially since I've passed the state exam already???


Stay as far away from Bankers as possible! Look for a company that offers a wide range of insurance products (carriers) so that you can offer your clients the best policy for their needs( insurance broker).

"Captive" agents only offer that one company's a Banker's or a State Farm for example. Google Banker's complaint''ll want to steer clear of them!