Tampa, Florida

I updated my information in Monster to reflect that I am looking for part time work. I wrote it on my resume CLEARLY, and on my cover letter.

The next day I received an email from Bankers stating that they wanted to schedule a time to interview me. So I scheduled a time and made sure my schedule was clear and postponed some very important business to go to my interview. I got all ready, prepared, made sure I had everything I needed and set out. I arrived exactly 15 minutes early as was requested, was brought into a room which was eventually filled with about 8 -10 other individuals who applied (totally unexpected).

They were going to conduct a group interview for 15 minutes and then do individual interviews. We then had to pass our resume's up to the front where Person X sat (name changed). Person X then announced that this was a career position for full time applicants. I decided at that point I would leave after the group session to avoid causing a scene.

A scene was made when Person X saw my resume and then immediately upon finding out I was in school told me to leave. No "Thank you for coming out" and no "Goodbye". Just a cold "You can leave." stated with a ridiculous smile as if that would justify the rudeness.

It was extremely humiliating and very rude.

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I just went to an interview with this place the other day and it was rediculous. Be happy that you got kicked out early.

They said the group thing was going to be 15 mins and the group thing turned into 2 hours. 2 hours of my life wasted. All this company is is a big ol pyramid sceme. People make money off of the elderly and I think that they may be scamming the elderly.

We are supposed to protect our elderly, and after reading posts on this website, it seems like all Bankers is trying to do is make money off of the elderly. I checked them out after the fact and they are not even part of the BBB. But most of the elderly do not know or have access to check the BBB, and some elderly will sign papers without talking to their children first.

I cannot believe that a company is scamming the elderly and getting away with it. I will make sure that everyone that I know will never sign with this company.


I received a phone call from a young lady with a great, thick, Indian accent. All I could understand was "employment opportunity". It was a local number, I called back and left a message.

I then received an email from the same "place of employment", different person: Bankers Life and Casualty Company. He said that after reading my resumé, he feels that I have the skills to be a successful independent insurance agent.

Uhhh... rrriiiggghhhht.

I responded, asking them to kindly REMOVE my resumé from their records. And I was nice quite about it, until I asked "HOW THE *** DOES 25 YEARS IN THE PRODUCTION END OF THE PRINTING INDUSTRY GIVE ME THE SKILLS TO BE AN INSURANCE SALESMAN?"