Honesdale, Pennsylvania
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I received a call from a woman who said "her manager found my resume on Monster and he would like me to come in for an interview. There are many open positions, including management.

Dress professionally and bring an updated resume." No more information could be provided. I was waiting for her to try to sell me a time share, by the way she was speaking, and a red flag went up. Not only do I have zero experience in selling insurance, I have managed Customer Service Departments for many many years. I have the utmost respect for clients and customers that I come across on a daily basis, and I surely am not about to rip off anybody's grandmother from her retirement savings by attempting to sell her useless fraudulent policies.

After researching, I DID NOT go and waste 2 hrs in travel time, a tank of gas and my precious time. Please... PLEASE review this company if you are called for any interview...oh, and BTW, I have seen many responses on here from so called current Bankers employees. I absolutely LOVE the misuse of pronunciation, misspelling and name calling that each "entrepreneur" uses.

So, if any of you intelligent Bankers/Fraud Agents would like to comment, I could really use a laugh. It would actually make the 5 minutes spent on the phone call with the fraudulent receptionist more worth my time.

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I'm going to my final interview tomorrow, and their sales pitch does sound too good to be true. I'll will bring up all, well most of the issues I have found on here with their unit manager. I cant work for a company that has a bad track record.


how do you hear misused pronunciation in print form?


What are you on about? Go back and re-read what the OP wrote.


I was called by Bankers to come in for a meeting and to bring current resume. Thank God I researched this after calling back and asking what position I was coming in for.

I got general answer to my specific question. The secretary told me the manager at the meeting will go over the positions and explain the process. Thank God I researched this company and found all these posts.

I am not waisting my time. Thanks Guys!


You are very welcome. I too would like to thank everyone.

It would have cost me so much in gas and time. What a horrible thing to do to unemployed people!