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Bankers is a great company to work for.It has changed my life.

The company offers products our seniors need. I believe in every product they offer wholeheartedly and have recommended them to my own parents. Those of you posting negative comments about working for this company are lazy and were unsuccessful because you did not put the work in that is required. Nothing is handed to you.

Bankers offers a great career while helping the most vulnerable, our seniors!

I was taught from the first day of trianing that the senior population is too be respected and that they are responsible for making our Nation as great as it.anyone who says differently is lying.

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Fair Oaks, California, United States #713021

Banksters Life and Casualty Company should join up with University of Phoenix online college.They both use suspicious tactics to push their products.

One to sell minimal insurance for high prices and soak the elderly, the other to sell low quality education as high quality education and soak the tax payer through the federal department of education. Well both are Wall street investments, so what do you expect from a bunch of thieves.

Oh and both are under investigation for suspicious selling methods.What a coincidence.


Products are over priced, agents are all brand new being misled by management, Just stay away

Concord, New Hampshire, United States #600822

What is sorely lacking in Bankers Life is their documentation and online access to a personal account and forms.No history is given on mailed account notifications.

It's like they are still using inkwells and quills at the home office.I am very disappointed with the company in general.


My mom purchased a long term care policy in 2004...she knew she didn't want to be a burden, nor did she want to go into a convalescent home.Since April of this year, 2011, we have been trying to get Bankers to accept and pay for mom's long term care.

She is attending a day care presently, we just received approval. Her homecare aid is still not approved. I have to say my agent is a godsend...he is working very hard for us, and he's as frustrated as we are. I am my mom's caregiver.

It's a very stressful situation to begin with, but the uncooperative attitude from the claims dept with our homecare claims is just adding to it tenfold.

After almost 6 months of constant refusals, I finally complained to our state insurance commissioner.If I had to do business with any insurance company...I'd pass on Bankers.


Hey Joe, your sorry excuses, and claimless products, don't justify the 4 years you've spent taking advantage of your favorite target 'seniors'.You have bought into the cult and live in a world that Bankers has constructed for you.

Sadly, you actually believe, the ole 'have and not need it' mantra, and think it fine that they are betting you won't need it, thus making them money.

When claims are filed appropriately and 'lost', require unrequired paperwork, then not paid till they "give up or die", you are fine with that.You are the exact example of a scamming, usless agent that gives insurance a bad name, and your company is beneath comtempt, no matter how you try to justify it in your own small mind.


To all you people that think we are scammer's.First off I've been in the insurance buisness for 8 years.

I've worked for 3 companies. I've been with bankers this is my 4th year. This is the first legitimate company I have ever worked for. we work with the senior market yes.

Why? Because everything changes in a Seniors life as soon as they turn 65 from health to health insurance to being in the last quarter of there life. Real decisions and real planning has to take place. how many seniors do you know that are not taking prescription medication for something.

it's a natural transition in life our bodies wear out. So they are going to need a different level of care as they get older. children live to far away to take care of them. and most children are over extended in there bills and can't financially afford to take on mounds of doctor or hospital bills and certainly can't afford to put them in nursing homes paying 60k a year.

cause guess what Medicare doesn't pay for it major medical doesn't pay for it. you've got three options self insure, Medicaid(welfare), or private insurance(long term care insurance). and there are so many other examples did you all know that insurance companies have to pay to the letter the terms and benefits of the listed policy. are these companies going to make sure that there are no fraudulant claims of course they are wouldn't you.

when you buy insurance the company is betting that your not going to need...

Asking them if it would be better to have it and not need it or to need it and not have it. let me ask all of would you rather make $100.00 a month mistake or $180,000? are these cenario's going to happen to everyone no of course not but how do you know that it will not happen to you. So people make choices based on statistics and the statistics way heavier on the side you will need it than you won't.

that our job to put it out there.we don't twist anyones are bc the last time I checked people make there own decisions to sign an application and to right a check.

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The times posted are not actual. They are another time zone. 10:05am here. No alcohol involved. Podium: well earned. Subject: the sorry company that is Bankers Life and Casualty , a subsidy of the sorrier, previously bankrupt Conseco, now known as CNO Financial Group. The concept: Bankers Life and Casualty Company scams job seekers, clients, the states, the shareholders. You: a POS.

Sadly you sit at night and post junk defending these morons.

The idea of insurance is valuable. The protection against risk is valid. The methods and tatics of Bankers is intolerable. It'll be stopped. The lazy card has long since worn thin.

Oh, BTW, plenty of clients and their families have posted here, lamenting the losses they have incurred, as a result of the arbitrary denial of the claims, the loss of time and money, and care they did not recieve.

You can post your comments, such as they are, however, you have never directly responded to the abject disregard for ethical business practices that most companies conduct, but not Bankers Life. You are a pitiful enabler of the lowest kind, Igor. You should not be exposed to a new recruit, or a prospect.

So drink some more in the night, and think up more excuses.


Bankers agents always go to the "lazy" card when anyone disagrees with the companies business practice.The truth is that Bankers wanting to protect seniors from financial ruin due to long term care or providing good medicare supplement insurance is not the problem with the company.

These are valid points.

The problem is the not the concept, its the execusion of the benefits and the cost of the plan and the unknowlegeable new agents selling these plans.The unsuitable placement of insurance products and bait and switch mentality of the agent force.

Novelda, Valencia, Spain #263802

I love columns filled with pointless blogs from uneducated people that can’t support any of exaggerated allegations with one concrete fact.Most typed at night, obvious coupled with a host of intoxication, bring nothing but rants filling with profanity and unjustified emotion.

Funny there is not Bankers client rolling on and on like an imbecile on here.

And the same goes for these pointless websites as well.What 2011 and Google gives, is the common *** a podium, where one would have to earn such in generations past.


I agree, you and anyone who works for Bankers Life are *** door to door agents!!!You are a licensed crook!!!

Bankers agents need to stay away from Grandma and Grandpa and quit selling AS YOU STATED YOU *** low benefit paying worthless piece of sh-- insurance policies. Granny and Paw would have the money banked and saved to take care of their medication and groceries, but you elderly predators *** them in to paying EXPENSIVE premiums that most CAN NOT afford. You're right again you greedy SOB about the families having to quit their jobs to take care of their family members and pay for these seniors expenses AFTER BANKERS ROBS THESE SENIORS BANK ACCOUNTS OF THEIR LIFE SAVINGS AND THEN DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, PAY ANY F'in BENEFITS!!!!!!! This is why the US SEANTE is INVESTIGATING BANKERS, BIG INVESTIGATION because of you *** artists ripping off the elderly.

You could care less you SOB about these elderly people, all you care about is the commission in your pocket. I hope your a-- and the whole F'in Bankers is out of business when this investigation is over!!! Your day will come, YOU are the one who has to stand alone in front of God knowing it was morally wrong to steal from these elderly. It's easy to steal and make a hefty living from these poor trusting souls.

BUT YOU WILL PAY IT ALL BACK WITH YOUR OWN SOUL, pitchfork in He--!! If you believed in what you're doing you wouldn't be worried about this site.

Job seekers stay away. Bankers is...

Bankers had to pay out over a billion dollars in 2008 for fraud on seniors.

This investigation is even more serious then 08's.

People need to contact their congressman in their state to watch this Washington DC investigation.STOP FRAUD on the elderly in your state.

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