Mobile, Alabama

And when you do get out, after a typically dismal financial experience, they will send "hungry," aka easily manipulated agents to the clients you "previously wrote" business with and rewrite those contracts to give the appearance of bettering the policy for the customer whereby they are then increasing your (now an ex agent) chargeback total. That is the amount they will try to recover from you through collections and threats.

It is/was/will be a horrible experience in Mobile Al.

I don't know what the experience will be like elsewhere, but I would be extremely hesitant.

Be sure to ask about the experience of the branch manager and training team and by all means, it's 2014, do some internet research (I very much regret not looking into this company prior to accepting a role.

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Some people are upset when they can't just sit at a cubicle and make money. The harder you work, the better you should do.

I've worked for a few companies and this is by far the best. However, most people don't take the time to get online and post how great something is.

I did take that time. Bankers Life has provided my family great opportunities doing things the right way.


I heard once that "everyone doesnt tell the same lie..." 100 people have negative reports about this company and 2 have something positive to say... Please!

A lie changes; truth remains the same. I got a call for an interview tomorrow, but they may as well cancel my name and 86 me from their list.