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Got a call for an interview and did my research. Just do a Google search for Bankers Life and Casualty, then click each link, starting at #5 and work down. This company says it was established in 1879, but DOESN't tell you that it's CHANGED HANDS/owners at least 4-5 times since then!

Their Complaint ratio, compared to one of their 'competitors' is outrageous - I quote:

"The company has faced several lawsuits in which they were accused of denying claims to seniors and both Conseco and Bankers have been noted as having a particularly high amount of complaints among long-term care clients: in 2005, Conseco had one complaint for every 383 such policyholders, whereas, according to 2005 statistics, Genworth Financial, the largest long-term-care insurer received one complaint for every 12,434 policies." (from: Duhigg, Charles (2009-03-26). "Aged, Frail and Denied Care by Their Insurers". The New York Times. Retrieved 2009-09-22.)

Then go to YouTube and search 'Bankers Life and Casualty' - and look for the 'Inside Edition' version. The video was posted in 2004, but the COMMENTS are RECENT. This company was investigated, and found to be quite heartless toward the elderly, as well as using inappropriate practices for 'interviews' and training.

Their main website is Company is based in Chicago, but 'address is approximate' in Google maps? Shows an intersection with a lot of tall buildings around.

BEWARE of this company - whether for interviews/employment, OR investments!

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Been an agent for 3 years; of the many claims I have facilitated, they all have been paid out to the intended beneficiaries. We are drilled with ethics and compliance training every week.

The world is what you make it.

I treat people like family and am able to rely on positive word of mouth for much of my business. Every bunch has bad apples in it, go search other insurance companies, see what you find :)

to Paranoia kills 2014 New York, United States #862542

Paranoia kills? So, smart consumers who do their homework are actually just being paranoid? Yes, you sound to me like someone who fits right in with the Bankers Life business model....


Google Inside Edition, June 2010 and you will view the scam Bankers Life agents pull on the elderly on a daily basis. This investigation has prompted the US Senate special Committee on aging in Washington DC to start "yet" another investigation.

Several top CEO's have quit and can not be found due to this federal investigation Bankers Life is a pyramid ponzi scheme that targets the elderly.

All who have been scammed by Bankers as clients or workers, the federal gov wants your statement. You can be a part of putting Bankers out of business for good!!

to June 2010 Investigation Tucker, Georgia, United States #622996

Bankers/ Colonial Penn / Conseco..whatever they want to call the worst insurance company ever. I went thru a training "program" with this outfit and I was shocked.

They don't care about anyone or anything other than making a sale and moving on to the next victim.

Most of their victims are the elderly...shameful.... NEVER do business with this scam of a company.

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