Only guys with small a *** would work for these guys....

its a hiring mill thats why they run ads everyday but don;t grow.

they have a very smail group of agents/managers in denial who

rotate out after about a year that will try and suck new agents in

and tell them its gonna be great but then in a year they too are gone.

Listen selling insurance is a very tough job people aren't able to

pay for there homes and auto do you think alot of people can afford to

buy insurance too... this is not an easy sale and you need alot of them to

just cover your cost of business and make a living at it....

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Wow!Glad I looked up the company to see what it is all about and also glad I found this website.

I am looking for a job and don't have time to waste on scams like this. Also I believe getting a job should not necessarily cost me money.

The shear number of negative comments posted by both sales people and consumers leaves me no doubt I do not want to be associated with this company.Thanks!


I also was with Bankers for many, many years. They are using people everyday ad nausium. They set up failure for these people as a matter of routine. I know hundreds of people, fine, outstanding, professional, successful people, who have been royally screwed by Bankers Life. You're still drinking the Koolaid, man. They will have your renewals on a platter, at their convenience.

So while you get out here and try to act like everyone is whining, I can't wait to see how you act they get through with you. Your condesending, below average atitude speaks to the attitude of the company toward newbies, and the market base.

Have a below average day.


you guys are a joke.I have been wiyh this company for 13 years and they are great wonderful caring people, I guess just the losers who cant sell or even close a screen door are all on here being babies.

Your failure is always your own fault.:(


The luck I wish is to any potential new elderly client that doesn't let your newly trained scamming a-- in their home.

Stay away from our elderly get a real job.


the money they require upfront doesn't go to Bankers.It goes to pay for your licensing costs upfront, which all companies make you pay including New York Life.

I am a newbie and just signed up so I will see what happens in the next couple of months.wish me luck


I don't know how they got my info.but they called me to set up an interview.

I am glad to be at this site.

I googled it because I did not send my resume to them and I don't even know who they are.Now, I am having second thought about uploading my resume online.


i got a call from a few different company's out of Tampa Florida, one was this the other was American income life, and another one that i cant remember.they all are owned by the same parent company they are a bunch of lairs and they will steal your money just like they do all the elder folks, they pray on Americas most unfortunate people, the ones that are out of a job, and the ones that they really screw is all the older people that this company takes advantage of, this is a *** shame.

why would they pray on unfortunate people, that is sad although that is good ole American greed the same greed that broke our country.

this company needs to be out of business!!!all they do is destroy lives, dont fall into this sick little game that they call a job, a real job dont ask you to be ripped off, or rip other people off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good Gracious, I'm not sure what to do.I got a call out of the blue from these guys too.

I know selling insurance is a tough business and figured this company must have a high turnover rate and in desperate need to be giving me a call, but after reading all of these complaints, I guess my instincts (or "spidey senses") were really right on the ball because I felt something wasn't right. The guy was calling me from a cellphone all the time (and it had poor reception) like he really needed "my business" or really need to "make the sell". That red flag told me I would probably have to spend some of my own money so I informed him up front: "I don't have money to spend. I don't have a car at this time.

And, I don't have an insurance license." But, he didn't care. As long as I was breathing, I was qualified. I don't know what to do. I really want to give sales a try, but I don't want to cheat any old folks in the process and I'm sick of being sucked into MLM schemes.

I especially hate long companies meetings, so I got a feeling I might get rowdy like "Heckler Joe Wilson" at this seminar if the BS starts to thicken.Whatever I do, I'll be back to inform and/or warn other potential recruits.


I am actually on my way to the interview now in about 2 hrs here in charlotte, n.c. But I happened to get online and wanted to learn a little bit more about the company and to my suprise I see several articles about how it could be a scam in which I wouldnt doubt it simply because I have my resume on monster and out of the blue I get this email stating I have a chance to work for them because of my background so I believe it also even though I have sales experience but it just did not feel right... but thanks to all for posting im not going.


I am a legal secretary working mostly in insurance litigation.My resume' is on several sites on-line.

This a.m., I received a call from an "Ashley" in Montauk, NY (much too far from my home for me to consider working there).

She said she saw my resume' and had a possible job on Long Island for me, and left a number to call.After reading on line about so much horror dealing with this company, I will not call back.

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