Company will send you a bill that they threaten to inforce for money paid to you after you leave this crooked company !! The corporate officers enjoy a lavish lifestyle on the benefits on stealing from you.

You will bust your butt to make sales, then wait forever to get paid, then once the corruptness is exposed and you quit, you will have to pay back money they say is theirs !!!! Its amazing to me that this scam of a company has not been shut down yet!!

I let everybody I know in on Bankers little ponzy scheme they have going. It will be a great help to the world when companies like this are dismantled.

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i just recently saw a video several weeks ago with al hawkins teaching you how to cold call people from a supposed medicare inquiry. hmm.

what a waste? after 2 attempts at passing my licensing exam, $150, actual license $300, finger prints $75 and another $60 on business cards i waited 2 weeks for. i've seen another agent at the office calling people off of the phone book, maybe she didn't want to sell policies to family and friends like they are still forcing me to do. this really concerns me.

thank god i still have my full time job, oh and by the way they wanted me to leave that too.

anyone with any advice i will gladly take it. i feel like i am stuck because i i've spent some money and feel like it's a waste if i do not move forward.

:grin I used to work for them and Just recently found out top 10 agents were let go about a year ago including the Branch manager Al hawkins for curruptive, and illegal accounts activities...all his top ten agents making 1 million a month let go or fired scams from illegal notrary signing, or applicaiton processing, forced or aggressive methods to elderly or not cognitive people. Even his side kick marlon was caught downloading all accounts profiles to try and take to Al hawkins new business he is trying to start up again with Bankers info...isnt that illegal too...his ex fiance forced to stay away from him and all his plan and descrete production all came tumbling down..

I wonder if he still drives a maserati ? LOL hey lavish life is okay if you work hard for it but not off illegal apps, or praying on elderly people...dont work here Bellevue branch was reorganized but hopefully legal now

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