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I have submitted a claim to Bankers Life for my parent, who is in an assisted living facility. He has dementia and corroborated by his doctor.

I completed all documentation, and heard from their representative that he in ineligible because the nurse she spoke with at the facility said he is fine. The nurse was a temp and probably doesn't even know who he is. Instead of relying on documentation from the doctor, the claim was denied. I want to resubmit, but after looking at this thread, it appears Bankers Life has a real problem paying claims.

Has anyone had success in getting their claim paid? Should I just go ahead and hire a lawyer?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bankers Life And Casualty Company Claim.

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My friend is 88 years old. She signed up for Bankers Life app. 20 years ago.

Now, she can't bathe herself, needs transportation, can't cook for herself,

Actually, needs full time help getting around. She's still paying the premium,

plus $700.00 a week, which she gets back about 3 months later and has a caretaker for 7-8 hours a week that goes out and buys her meals. Is this what Bankers life has to offer. I'm glad I didn't go with them... Not a good investment by any means......


I am working on a case over the unlawful denial of long term care benefits that I believe led to the death of my client while being denied care. The case involves Bankers Life and Casualty.

I can be contacted through my e-mail on my web site.

www.markhaneylaw.com If you believe you have been unlawfully denied claims for long term care benefits please contact me. Thanks, Mark Haney


After hundreds of pages of notes, bills and reports they seem to be missing something already sent time and time again. Then they can "reset" the 30 WORKING DAY period.

They are heartless crooks and individually they have proven not to care about us perhaps in unity with legal action for the care they are willfully withholding we could make a difference. These policy holders have paid their premiums and are still denied for many months.

I have had to leave work as they have dragged this out so long. We must stop this and hold Bakners liable for the damages they are causing.


I have been fighting with Bankers Life since 5/2011 and they still haven't paid a dime, while collecting 173. a month premuium.

Now they want an itemized bill from the personal care, this has been sent twice now but still have to wait another 10 days while they collect another premium.

It will be 2 yrs. soon, I AM SO FRUSTRATED>


My mom has been in a nursing home for about a year now. It took about six months to get approved by claims.

I was very meticulous about the claim forms and documentation I sent in and always sent registered mail/return reciept. I would call and make sure they recieved the forms.

I deal with them in a polite, professional manner. I was reimbursed for sox monthe expenses and now I am reimbursed every month.


Bankers Life is your worse nightmare ever!! I have sent well over 800 pages all registered receipt requested mail to this company.

The last 315 pages were witnessed and sent from our attorney's office.

They do admit they have received the packet of infomation. Some how some of the information must of disappeared in a sealed packet witnessed and sent from or attorney's office.

James R

Really all insurance companies are based on the fiat money of the United States. That is what is missing from all the previous discussion. In fact it is at the heart of every price increase known as “inflation”.

The interlinking of corporations and government, supporting this country’s counterfeit money scheme via the “Federal” Reserve Banking System, makes laughable any attempt to contact your “legislator” for any redress of grievances based on price increases, no matter from whence they come. “Legislators” are controlled by the deep pockets of those who run the banking industry. Your vote to attempt their removal is also laughable because incumbents re-election security (or replacement if they go against the banking cabal) is assured by campaigns financed by the banking industry, either directly or covertly. That is true, not only in the United States, but has been throughout the world for some time, at least going back to 1913.

Don’t believe what issues from this screen name. Read what is contained in the book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. It follows, with direct quotes and documents, including many photographs of the historical figures, such as those from the Rockefeller family, who have literally controlled every aspect of the financial history of the West for nearly 100 years. Griffin is now placing his book as a free download on the Internet. It is electronically searchable. If you want a hard copy it is available on Amazon for about $20. Included within are suggested ways you can survive in the midst of the banking and mega-corporate criminality. It doesn’t, by the way, include contacting your “legislator” whose ear you are speaking into is plugged, while the other is quite open to his bankster support.

All of you, including yours truly, are nothing but feudal slaves to the worldwide banking cabal, and will continue to be until the reign of these criminals is ended and the country returns to its constitutional roots. Unfortunately we don’t have options, for the aforementioned reasons, to vote for leadership that will openly recognize the problem of our national counterfeit currency. In the past those who have done so have either been assassinated, or attempts were made to do so, such as in the case of US President Andrew Jackson, among others.


I can tell you all that this type of denial on LTC insurance is all too common. I worked at Bankers for many years and had to fight for the claims to be paid for my clients. The agent turnover is too high and no one wants to service the claims.

@former agent

dear former agent-- are you working now? i am a current agent and fight for my clients.

i won't even sell LTC policies, and sell high Fs because it's the best deal for a lot of folks. course, i don't make much $, but at least i can sleep at night.


I also have been having trouble trying to get bankers to honor their home health care policy. I have filed a complaint with the Az dept of insurance but am not holding my breath.

I wish we could get a federal governmental agency or a class action suit to get their attention. I think we all need to try to get them as much negative attention as we can by blogging and posting.


Suddenly you think some arbitrary email address is going to do something to correct the repetitive/incessant demand for resubmitted forms, lost forms, denials, etc. ??

Carmel is waking up to the sad but true extensive complaints against Bankers, why, is it hurting the recruiting?, it's certainly not about what it's doing to the clients and their families.

This person should do as suggested and forward all the forms to the list of authorities that was offered. To see any change at Bankers Life would take closing it down, other companies might buy the lines of business, but no company would take the evil minds that control you and peers.


I fought Bankers Life for two years with my dad and they never paid a penny. My dad has passed.

I hate seeing the name Bankers. I truly hope anyone who works for this company pays with their soul for scamming the elderly.

Bankers is being investigated by US Senate Special Committe for the Aging in Washington DC. 202-224-5364, call them and report this *** artist company.


Joaniebo: Please contact Bankers Life and Casualty Company at LTC_Problem_Resolution@Banklife.com and we will assist you with resolution.


Send all the forms to the Commissioner of Insurance in your state, also your state representative, and Congressman, the chairman of the NAIC, and Sandy Preager, Chairwoman of the Health Committee at the NAIC (Commissioner of Insurance in Kansas) BTW, google her story, you'll see her own uncle was denied by these senior suck*ng cre*eps.


OK I will try the local office. I had tried earlier to get hold of the agent who sold the policy, but all of sudden he was MIA. I'll try the manager.

I'll report back and let y'all know what happens.

Good luck to you Huskerman.



Call your local office and have the bsm look into it. if it is a legit claim it will get paid.


my grandmother passed away months ago and there are several of us family members that have been trying to get our claims paid. We have all submitted the documentation multiple times.

I personally, have mailed as well as FAXED my paperwork, are you ready for this.... 14 times! They keep reading from their scripts, "Please allow 20 days to be processed" and then we get notification in the MAIL that we need to submit again!

They are a total rip off company and I have filed a claim with the BBB. Good luck to you, I hope you have faster results than we have.