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Ditto to what most everyone else has said. I posted a resume for a specific unrelated job on and they responded with an email and phone call. The lady on the phone barely spoke english and the reception was broken (call from the Phillipines perhaps). The kicker was that another lady called me so thus there were two interview dates, so they didn't even cross coordinate! C'mon at least get your story straight! LOL! I walked into an office building (not their own mind you, just leasing a section) and there were like 25 people of all walks waiting. We go in and hear the schpiel. So you don't get paid for the first two weeks, you get 50% commission starting out, you pay for all your own licenses/fees, you are asked to bring your own computer, no health, no benefits, you are asked to wear a suit every day (when you are on the phone all day!) etc. etc. All this based on a promise of making 6 figures/yr.

Everyone was asked to take three personality tests similiar to the MMPI police test, I talk to the manager for a few seconds and he only asked me when I would be available. He calls within one hour and tells me that I did very well and that only a few people pass (yeah only all 25 probably) when can I start?

On one hand I'm pissed that I fell for the interview and didn't dig deep enough first. On the other hand I caught it now and didn't give them a cent or another second of my time. Don't waste your time, if you want to go into insurance sales do so at a big name reputable institution like Farmers, Metlife, etc.

Also another company is running the same scam: American Insurance Life. Same deal, they scour and will call you even if you have a history of being a welder and laborer. "You have what we're looking for..." Sure....

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Don't be fooled...

Check the paperwork he signed....he will owe the company the money back if he quits within a certain time period. Guaranteed!!!


Natalie -

Not true. My husband works for Allstate Co.

and all his licensing was paid for by his company.

He didn't pay a penny. That's the way it goes when you work for 'REAL' companies.


No company is going to pay for your classes and state exams and licensing. That's why your license is portable to other companies in your licensed state.Its yours!!

You get half the commission while your training.Most-Other companies don't do that in my state.

I wrote 2 policies on friday and got my advance on tuesday. SNA in 2 weeks.And they provide leads for your home town so you dont have the travel around your whole state.I have been with they for 2 months and they are Awesome!!!!


Thanks for the tips. You are right about the phone interview.