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I just got a similar call on 6-14-12 from a man who called himself Jay Harris. He was foreign also and said he wanted to talk to me about my resume and job opportunities.

So I binged the company, "Bankers Life and Casualty" and got a line that said "scam". So for the heck of it I clicked on it to see what you had to say. Thank you guys sooo much for posting about the scam. I too really wish to find a job but not this way.

The post about human trafficking SCARED ME TO DEATH. Thank you for having the courage to tell us so we don't have to experience the same heartache.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Margaurit, the manager/BSM will be an interesting interview. She is an old pro at selling the story.

Don't be fooled.

I bet that office still smells as funky as it always did, a cross between sweat, tears, and rotten bananas. If they convince you to become a phone slave, lying to the seniors, be sure to bring Lysol to spray that phone.


I can NOT believe this stuff I'm reading right now!! I thought it quite strange that within 24 hrs of posting my resume I got an email soliciting me for an Assosiate assistant manager position so I Googled Bankers found the address and phone number of my local office and it's actually in a nice part of town, the caller ID says bankers so I figured I have nothing to lose, I got there and it's in Phoenix university(what 1.5 billion $$ Co can't afford it's own office??) I was the first one there.

My appt was at 11 & then some Guy comes in and says he has one at 11, & they kept coming. I decided to humor myself and see what is really going on and continue w the interview process so I went to the 2nd "briefing" too and Tmrw is my "1 on 1" I am seriously going to dvr the meeting, after reading this BS I don't know how anyone can live w themselves after lying and stealing from people like this. I cannot wait to see that bi**H's face when I

"interview" her!!

I've read so many statements that say get your license here but who the *** would hire a crook and I'd be humiliated to be in the same character bracket as thesepeople are in!! Thank GOD for all these postings!


Thanks for posting your comments! I too just got a phone call from this company, as I just had posted my resume on 2 days ago.

Heard all about the fact that they will "train me" even though I was looking to work for a health insurance company. Googled Bankers (who doesn't google these days?) and read about other peoples experiences.

Cancelled my "interview" after that!!!! What a bunch of liars!


I got the exact same thing a lady that called me and literally told me she would email text me and call a day before to remind me to go to this interview. I found it kind of odd her name was maribel and she had a strange accent.


I literally just got this same phone call and from Jay Harris. I'm glad I checked this out first before even calling him back.


I submitted my resume to looking for a position within a company to complement my Associate's Degree I am graduating with in a couple of weeks. I received a phone call from a young lady offering me a position within the company, and being that I have not worked in over 18 months due to a heart attack at age 40, I see no harm in selling insurance.

After coming across this page and reading the stories of you people being humiliated, belittled and berated not counting the UNPROFESSIONAL conditions within certain respective offices, I am a little leary about my interview in two days. I am doing research on the company so I can address the manager directly about some of the accusations and conditions mentioned here in these posts. I am firm in the belief that all life is sacred regardless of your ethnicity and other influences, and I am intrigued as to the practices of human trafficking and how Bankers is tied to it. I deplore such conditions and will never buy another piece of HERSHEY'S MARS, or NESTLE chocolates again.

They engage in trafficking and the web is full of this information.

I will be leary in my interview, and thank you for the vast amount of information. :eek


Thank God I came across this site, because I have a "meeting" with Bankers tommorow and you all nailed it on the dot. Word for word, you described my situation.

Some guy named Tony found my resume on and gave me the same spiel...and how funny, ,my objective on my resume was a job in education not sales.

Yet he finagled" education" as a good reason to join-in short, I smelled fishy b.s. and just cancelled the appointment.


I too received an email from Bankers Life & Casualty on June 19 from a Kareem Aboul-Hosan; he said he got my resume from Monster and he believed I had the skills to be an independent insurance agent. resume is for a legal assistant.

Then yesterday I received a phone call from an Asian woman from the same company (same phone number as well). I kinda freaked because my phone number is NOT listed.

I need a job, but not that bad. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this website so we can watch out for these scams.