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Be warned!Spent 17 years there putting up with all their legal problems, complaints, etc..only to be terminated for no reason.

They took away my pension. this is a practice I was warned about throughout the years I never though could be without good reason. They pay half the commission to you all the wile convincing you that you have a lifelong career with a pension and when you leave, for any reason, they find a way to term you to take your hard work away from you without a chance to be heard? you also do not get to keep your renewals when you leave so it/was a waist of time.

I am independent now and successful, they taught me how to put a square peg in a round hole so now it is easy offering A rated products for less?? From an agent who knows best, managers are incompetent, lazy and all hired cool aid drinkers who have no interest in anybody's success beyond 90 days. Of course because at this time their paid less. So word to the wise, find a good IMO, get vested from day one, and do not count on their bogus unfunded deferred comp.

This company sold their sole a long time ago and does not care about their agent force at all.It is too bad because they are loosing a lot of their top long time agents because the trust is gone!

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Bellingham, Massachusetts, United States #742877

I appreciate the info you wrote about Bankers.I have been recently contacted about an interview and just went through the group process of how this is a great company.

I currently work in retail as a manager and have just been wondering more about the hype that that the branch manager has been saying about this company and the potential outcome of money you could be making with Bankers. After reading this and other complaints about this company, I am slowly becoming leery about joining them or the interview.

I have a family to support and also commission based is not really the way I wanted to go.Thank you again for your input.

Fort Loramie, Ohio, United States #738704

You are very correct. Could anyone have convinced you of what it's like escaping the rabbit hole before you actually left? Probably not. But now you see what pieces of cr*ap they are, and how they have no intention of ever paying anyone anything. They will always get the money back. If you won't lie, cheat, and steal for them you become persona non grada in the offices.

They do not want agents to assist claims, in fact, you will be reprimanded, if not fired, if you get caught helping a claim. There is not a worse company, it doesn't does not start or stop in the branch offices. Remember, any office who gets 'caught' is suddenly a 'rogue' office, but the marching orders are from the very top of the corporate 'mothership'/shell corp. Those are the people who need the ol 'perp walk' since they are absolutely scamming the DOI's, agents and clients.

That fresh IMO air is great isn't it? Doing business with actual companies who appreciate and expect your assistance for the clients is surprisingly easy. Not having to apologize for the sorryness of Bankers is your best reward.

Welcome to post Bankers agent life!


funny, true! I met


I agree, the Hartford CT branch especially, the branch manager seemed deceitful, lazy, and out of touch with reality...glad I passed

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