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I have been around and around with this company for over a decade. Their delaying tactics are legendary.

My dad had Alzheimer's, which clearly meets their threshold for Long Term Care payment and still spent over 6 months to get them to start paying on the claim. Most times it was impossible to get them to answer the phone. I filed for my mother around the same time but since she did not have a cognitive deficit Bankers has different standards for paying claims. She has been in an assisted living facility for going on ten years and despite needing assistance to bathe, clean the room, and use the bathroom this does not meet their standard for claim payment.

This was not was was advertised to my parents when they bought the policy. They have paid on it for over 40 years. There was a class action lawsuit brought against Banker's life in 2013 but it appears that the only result is that they are a little better at answering the phone.

I am considering bringing a separate lawsuit. Avoid this company like the plague.

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