Bankers Life shouldn't even be in business for their poor service alone. This comapny has been bankrupt and sold out several times.

If you want to purchase an insurance policy for life or long term, go to a reputable agent in your own home town. He or She will always be there to answer your questions and will be able to help your family after your passing.

Be careful, Bankers agents are known for preying on the elderly and Bankers has been repremanded several times, but this behavior continues. As we all should, watch out for your elderly family members.

Review about: Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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i feel compelled to correct what was written by an agent most likely trying to compete against blc. am best lists the "A" ratings as superior or excellent, and the "B+"'s as good.

Both are listed as "secure".

If you are thinking of buying or interviewing make up your own mind. it may be good for you, it may not, but why limit yourself based upon haters online you have never met, don't know your situation or exactly what policy/location you are looking at?


Go to life-insurance-info.us/companies. Compare the S&P, AM Best, Fitch and Moodys ratings of Bankers Life & Canseco.

There credit ratings are in the B ranges meaning very weak.

Look at the other companies like the Principal, Metlife, etc.. They are all A ratings which mean they are very strong.


In response to Adil - you obviously are a bankers agent. And from your comments, I would guess you have never worked for anyone else.

I have done both. You are getting robbed on your commissions as management is getting a large portion. And there is no one out there who wants to partner with bankers except companies like Humana who are also in trouble. And, you are wrong on the materials provided.

All of the companies I currently do business with provide me with everything bankers did. Bankers does provide some great training, which is hard to get as an independent.


Sharon is not exactly correct. I do not think bankers life has ever been bankrupt, but they are in some financial trouble - mainly because of their association with conseco.

Their ratings have been dropping for the past few years. One major change is that in the last 3-4 years, conseco has taken over most of the operations of bankers. This has resulted in very poor service. Their commissions are poor compared to most other companies, mainly because management gets a large portion of what would be paid to an independent agent.

Been there and worked for them for 10 years. If you think you got a raw deal on what a policy paid, it was probably more the agent's fault than the company's.


Adil, there comission is strong because it comes from scamming, lying, avoiding and straight up hurting the elderly. They're crooks and if you work for them and support them then you're no better then them, you're a crook too.

Great benefits to their employees with stolen money. I pray that every single person out there watch out for their elderly and themselves, I hope they google this site and then kick your commission greedy, thieving --- out before you can get one lye out of your mouth.

God Bless every single person out there that you've sold a policy too and will never benefit from and I hope every person that you've taken advantage of and hurt comes back to you in ten folds. OUT of BUSINESS would be the best words I will ever see on Bankers Life, SOB's!!

Get a real job thief.


For people that are spreeding false rumors about banker's Life. i have to say this.

You need to get ur facts straight. Banker's Life is a very strong financialy. There is a reason why they can offer they products at a great benefits and price range and are able to stay in the market. If you really believe that Banker's Life is a weak company.

then tell me this why are other companys wants to partener up with Banker's Life and Casualty. As also Sharon aid Banker's Life is a serparate entity than Conseco.

If Conseco is a part of the group doesn't mean that Banker's Life has gone through the same issues. There Commission is alot better than whats out there.They also provide materials for their agents that most of the insurance companyz out there dont do.


Sharon & ***, Kimo & I have our facts straight. Go ahead & buy a policy from this scadalous company, they need your money because they're sinking & thankfully for websites like this, I hope they drown quick.

My uncle paid in thousands of dollars to this company, which he couldn't afford, with very little return. His son had to mortgage his home to help with his home care. The son's in the process of legal action with Bankers, & it's looking good that Bankers will lose. As everyone else has commented, B.L.

employees are trained to give their L.T. policy holders the run around, hoping for the death of these elderly folks.

You can't have any morals to work for this nasty company. Defend Bankers all you want, but you wouldn't want this to happen to you or your family.


Sharon you better do your homework and read the Wall Street Journal and not the BL sales literature.

Conseco is in deep financial trouble and has sold off half of its life insurance book to re-insurers. They are bleeding Bankers to death.

It shows in customer service, agent service and their new price and commission structure. You are going down with the ship!!!

Novelda, Valencia, Spain #83770

Hasn't your mother ever told you to believe nothing of what you read and only half of what you see? If your going to slander a company at least make sure you've got your facts straight. Thank you, Sharon, for taking the time to set Sarah straight!


I agree with the first comment. Bankers should be financially strong, their entities have came from policies sold to unsuspecting elderly or mentally challenged. Their moto is We Specialize in Seniors, ironic, they sure do.

Lynge, Hovedstaden, Denmark #81817

Bankers Life and Casualty has NEVER been bankrupt and is, in fact, quite strong financially. Its parent company, Conseco, filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and emerged from bankruptcy in 2003. Bankers is a separate entity from Conseco.

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