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I just went to an "interview" at Bankers Life and Casualty.This is not what I was told on the phone that the job would be.

On the phone the female stated I was not selling anything, I would make no less than $40000, and that I would be in an office from 8-5. Ok sounded worth the while. When I got there it was a recruiting seminar. I was in a room with 4 other people, who were told the same line of bull.

This is a commission job, you will not make what they say, and the people who are the "leaders" have not even been at the company over 4 years? That is strange.

It made me sad, because me and others are in need of a legit job and people like this who are suppose to care for the elderly screw over innocent people who want a steady reliable job.Do yourself a favor and do not waste your gas or time!



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La Marque, Texas, United States #1347240

I just got the call im in texas....thank you for this info i will not be going to the interview


Thanks for the FYI!I got the call early this a.m.

with the same information. I explained that sales nor insurance of any kind is listed on my resume. I was told that I would not be selling. When I was told that it was a group interview, red flag.

I explained that my background is professional development not insurance or sales. I declined the group interview. She came back with but you will be in management. This is not the norm for a management interview (by group).

I declined again. I think the call came from a call center located offshore (accent and background noise).

You are so right be careful not to waste time, gas or energy for a -0- income position.

It is chat boards such a this that is a great tool to *** out time wasters.Again, thanks!


thanks for the info. My gut feeling was telling me not to go.


thank you

good luck in your search


Wow thank you for the info bc I thought the way the interview invite call was weird to begin with & I was skeptical to say the least but now my gut is confirmed! Def NOT going!


Thanks! Not doing anything about it!


These wicked people at all the jack in the box joker offices have been trying their best to reel me onto their glue traps like a mouse getting caught smelling the cheese. ...they are sooooo ***.

Tools of fools


I just received a call from them today, and they wouldn't answer any of my questions.I was told that if I show up tomorrow they will answer my questions there.

I have an MBA in Accounting, I want nothing to do with a sales job and I need a steady income to pay back my student loans.

Thanks for your review, I will not be wasting my gas or time to go tomorrow.I had a feeling over the phone that the woman I was talking to was really desperate to get me in their office for that "informational meeting."

Orlando, Florida, United States #613474

My husband was called today to come in Monday and told to wear a tie to the interview. I suspected something was up, so I have researched online and it is fake.


Aw man.. This is the first legit sounding job offer I've had in Ohio. I really need work so I can move.

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