This is a total scam. It is a bait and switch and they take advantage of 20 somethings.

They have to pay for their education and insurance certifications and then do not get reinbursed. Also, they try to collect balances that they cannot explain and threaten to send you to a collection agency. After almost one year, management has offered no direction and has been worthless in attempting to solve the payment issue in question. We are now dealing with their Account Recovery Services.

After one year and making $1,000, we are not satisfied with this company, their promises, or their policies. They are preying on those who are down on their luck and need a job. This is a 1099 nd there are no benefits as well.

Whatever you do, do not spend any time with this company and do not get involved. Stay away!!

Review about: Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance.

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@ seriously.. quit lying about the 1099.

As an accountant the only thing you would be able to write off regarding this job on your taxes would be, a cell phone if it is only used for business purposes, and pretty much that is it, because there is no other expenses you could really write off legally.

The 1099 is in place so that the "employer" does not pay the matching portion of FUTA or SUTA tax, instead, the "employee" pays all of it. Just so you know, FUTA and SUTA income tax is a little over 15% of your total income.


State Farm agents have an offices that seniors have a choice to visit and purchase policies. Bankers are door to door insurance crooks who go into these seniors homes and sell them expensive worthless policies using scare tactics.

Wake up, grow up and go to He-- because there is a pitchfork with your name on it you low life SOB!!


This is not a scam - it is simply that most people do not understand what is required of them and what it takes to get started.

Yes, you are self-employed, a 1099 - independent contractor, therefore your expenses are write-offs (IAW IRS regs) and yes they do reimburse you for your training costs in the form of a bonus, after 90 days.

If you don't like Bankers, go to State Farm,become an agent and then you can have your own office. These two ope4rate totally different from each other, have totally different business models and sell dissimilar insurance products.

Wake up and grow up.

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