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On Monday, I received a phone call from a women who I could barely understand stating that she found my resume online and wanted me to come in for an interview. She told me it was a group event and that they would be discussing the business and the training techniques and that I should bring a copy of my resume and dress in business attire.

I stupidly agreed before doing any research and set the appointment up for 9am on Thursday, June 7th. After I while I started getting suspicious so I looked the company up online and realized that it was an insurance company which threw up a red flag. This is because my resume is strictly restaurant oriented, as I have been a waitress for the last 7 years.

After finding this site and reading all of the horror stories, I am glad I got suspicious.

Thank you to everyone who saved me time and money and gas, because I am certainly not going to that interview anymore!

Review about: Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance.

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I received a call this morning but missed it. The message was from a woman I thought was named Adrian.

I returned the call and left message. Having received no return phone call in a few hours I decided to look the company up online. Good thing I found this! My problem is I have experience in insurance!

But I dont do sales. Thanks for the info!


OMG Agosselin I received a call 2 days ago... thank you guys very much i was already feeling very nervous that they *** into companies that say don't sell your information i.e resume.

I posted my resume on a direct site for a management position. I could barely understand the woman who called me but i was able to make out her name. Raven...

she sounded chinese right?... my appointment is tomorrow afternoon and i definitely am not going.

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