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Have owned a disability policy for 10+ years became disabled March 2010 received claim checks from June 2010 thru Dec 1,2010. Stopped payments due to lack of information.

Somehow the company had enough information to start my claim for 6 months but I guess I apparently used up all that information. June 2011 I am still under doctors care and unable to return to work with cervical fusion procedure now scheduled June 29th 2011. Have made numerous,numerous phone calls and talked with many answer droids who have American names but speak with some middle east dialect that is apparently beyond my comprehension. The conversation always ends with we don't have enough information.

In June 2011 I request to speak with a supervisor ("Raquel" stage name) she assures me that she will get to the bottom of this personally and get back to me within 2 days. 2 weeks later I called B/C and by chance got "Raquel" on the line. She apologizes to me for failure to return call. Apparently some one with a more serious complaint knocked me out of the saddle but please send more information (AGAIN) If they need me to continue sending the same information every month I suggest that Bankers Casualty office manager go to Office Depot and order a copier.

Whoever rated this company as a class A company worthy of doing business in the USA should seriously consider some other line of work.

This company SUCKS 5 STAR and I understand why they have to deceive job seekers to apply. My name is Jackie Gann and this is my honest testimony.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Always send requested info to Bankers Certified as they must sign for it. You in turn receive a confirmation of their receiving game playing.

Also, when calling for info on policy status the dumbbells are always denying that they received such and such first..then miraculously it surfaces.

A few weeks ago my Mom's policy ltc policy was approved..I bombarded them with paperwork and today I receive a letter stating they dont't have proof of 5 days of her elimination period...but they doooooo!!!!

You must be must be exact with paperwork (certified mail only) and you must seek or threaten to seek legal counsel.

I have HATED dealing with this company.

There is absolutely no way my mother could have filed for benefits, but Bankers banks on this concept. Their agents have been some of most deceptive, snot nosed, bald faced, arrogant liars I have ever was fun working them all over


I to am experiencing delay tactics with Bankers Life. Same thing every few days I call to check the status of the claim an they tell me I need to re-fax the same info.

I have gone into branch office 3 times in St.

Cloud. They always assure me it is taken care of. Then I need to re-fax same material again. I asked to talk to some-one at HQ Indiana and I end up talking to a call center in Jamaica.

(He told me the number was for Indiana but they are routed to Jamaica) I have never dealt w/ an organization with absolutely no customer service at all. Every time I call they offer me condolences on the passing of my mother and every time I visit their office, one of the agents offers me a business card. "REALLY".

I do not need any condolences and the last thing I need is a business card from somebody at a company that I would never, ever, ever dream of doing business with. What I need is a check from company before they go belly up.


Wait a minute. Did you just say the company sent a letter to the claimant, telling him that he is deceased?

I'm sure he was interested to know that. Very creative way to not pay.



and through its representative, Martin W. Swanson and Bankers Life ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

Jun 16, 2011 - Bankers Life and Casualty Company, Cause. Number C-1889 on April 27, 2011. ... investigation regarding the complaint and sent a letter to Respondent. ...

On August 3, 2010, a complaint was filed with the Department alleging

difficulty with the processing of claims filed ** both a husband and wife.

Complainant stated that he had received a letter from Respondent indicating

that he was deceased. Complainant was not deceased.

The agents are liars. The company lies. Sometimes it's to the point of ridiculous.....another state, another fine.


I must agree!!! I have been dealing with Bankers Long Term Care department for over 6 months.

Same thing...keeps requesting same information. Finally got paid on one month and now they denied the next month even though my aunts status has not changed. I received a letter stating she was approved thru November 2011 for her claim but they keep sending denial letters. When I call they say the letters are an error and the claim is still in review.

Then I get a letter asking for her ss# and that her policy has ended. Seriously!?! I call every week!!! They definitely out source their claims calls to India.

Everyone has English names but heavy Indian accents.

The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GET A LONG TERM CARE POLICY FROM BANKERS!

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