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My Mother took out a long term care policy in 1996 with Banker's life. She has paid $300/month since then to provide for her care in her home if and when she becomes incapacitated and needs assistance by caregivers.

She has paid them well over $40,000 and they are decline all assistance she needs now having Alzheimer's and severe arthritis. Do NOT take out a Long Term Care Policy with them. If you do, you will never receive any benefits that you will need.

Trust me, I'm a nurse!!!! Its really sad when attorneys have to get involved to get what you need when you paid for what you should get.

Review about: Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance.

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Most of the policies have a waiver of premium so after 90 days or receiving eligible care in the facility the premium will most likely stop. Call the JC office with questions.


Should Banker's Life ask a person in a nursing home to keep paying long-term premiums at an old age (80s-90s) when they are ill, with a few years to live, and presumably soon to die? Is that what they paid the premium for? Thanks for any thoughts!


He is a well known koolaide soaked, and yes, delusional Bankers agent. Known for pitching cussing fits in his branch office.

Spoken to in offensive, respectless language over at the scam.com back office, by most posters on that site.

His method is to come off like he's trying to explain and be helpful, then become/deteriorate into what he is....not someone to be alone in the house with. Look up strange, his picture in there.


You know Jessie, I wonder the same thing. How do the people who work for Bankers sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror? They must be totally delusional if they don't see the awful way their company treats its customers.

Whoever the anonymous person is that keeps putting the same long winded reply to each of the complaints. You are demonstrating the same behavior Bankers has taught you. Act suprised and indignant when you are caught in a lie. Then try to make the complainant sound as though they can't read or understand how insurance works.

Give me a break already.


Give us a flippin break. Bankers pays it's claims very well?

Really? All that jacked questioning you ask is rediculous. This person doesn't a condesending lecture from you. This person needs to file a complaint with the commissioner of insurance who is very well aware of Bankers.

6% of LTC market share and 1/3 of the complaints, speaks for itself.

Go to scam.com search Bankers Life and sit down to hours of reading and watching the news story links of the BS that is Banker Life and Casualty. Also Craig Lewis, if you need good info on an attorney stop by and ask you question there, you get to who you need to know.


1. Did your mother's policy include coverage for home healthcare? This usually costs more and if you don't buy it then you don't get it.

2. If your mother's insurance does offer Home Healthcare benefits, do they pay at 100% or 50% of the maximum daily benefit amount?

3. Does your mother require enough weekly visits from skilled and licenses healthcare professionals to qualify for the minimums of her Elimination Period?

4. Has your mother submitted receipts for her expenses that DO qualify so that she may be reimbursed?

It is easy to look back with 20/20 vision and say, "Wow, I really wish that I'd paid extra for that now," or, "I wish that I'd bought the Home Healthcare policy instead because I don't want to live in a nursing home." Problem is that many of us don't want to look at those things when we're younger. It's just a 'concept' until we need it.

Bankers pays its claims VERY well! Just like any insurance business though, if a claim is improperly filed then they will refuse to pay. If the minimums are not met then they will refuse to pay. ALL insurance is a form of transferred risk! You pay somebody else to accept the risk of "What if?" It's also a guessing game of, "What will I really need?" Lower rates might seem attractive but then when you really need the benefits you learn just how much that extra $30/mo would have given you. There are no do-overs on choices like these. We either have it or we don't. Then we get to burn down our assets to next to nothing so that we qualify for Medicaid. The choices get very limited once that happens.


Having the same experience and looking for an attorney with success vs Bankers Life. Any recommendations?


You are a Bankers Life and Casualty Company agent. Your generic reference to LTC claim payment by insurers does not in any way reflect your company. It may justify your need to stay there, but I'm sure you still don't sleep well at night.

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