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Run by the equivalent of high school hustlers. These people misled me about a great salary.

)The average new agent makes under 20K a year.) They teach you to lie on the phone so you get invited to come to a senior's house....At a meeting, CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE'S SENIOR MANAGERS BRAGGED ABOUT BEING BANNED FOREVER FROM THE BEST NEW ENGLAND RESORTS BECAUSE THEY GOT DRUNK AND WRECKED THEIR ROOMS AND HARASSED OTHERS.

They actually bragged about this, like a bunch of teenagers The more you lie, the more senior citizens buy THAT'S THE PERK THEY WAVED AT ME...HOODWINK SENIORS TILL THEY ARE SO SCARED THEY BUY POLICIES, THEN COME WITH THE BOSSES AND GET FALLING-DOWN DRUNK AND TRASH A NICE RESORT HOTEL. They thought this would i-m-p-r-e-s-s Obnoxious NH high school and ex-military rip=off artists

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Look I'm sure people have had bad experiences with bankers, but as an employee of bankers, I have to say, There are simply SOME PEOPLE YOU CAN'T PLEASE. And OF COURSE ONLY the upset customers post things online.

But in the time I've worked for banekrs, I have spent time HELPING people showing them their options, and helping people make educated decesions on what they want for there retirement needs, and or health insurance needs.

Its very disheartening to me to know that some one clearly didn't treat you right from our company, but just know we aren't all "high school hustlers" there have been quite a number of people who I have told to keep exactly what they have because I could NOT offer them anything better and REFUSE to push or presure people. I'm truely sorry for your bad experience but one bad agent doesn't make the whole company bad.


Bankers is an absolutely fantastic company to work for!!! It is very difficult when you start, but if you wnat to be compensated for how hard you work instead of being a salary slave, this might be a career option for you.

If it were easy, everybody would do it!!! Do not let the negative comments of chronically underachievers dissuade you from finding out about a career that will potentially be the best thing that ever happened to you. Outside of my wife and my kid, Bankers is the best thing that ever happened to me. And I'm not a "sales guy", just a very hard working, honest person.

I can't wait to go to work tomorrow!!! I love my career at Bankers!!!


UP YOUR A** with Bankers!!

Bankers is a pyramid ponzi scheme that targets the elderly.

Bankers agents are scammers and are robbing the elderly of their savings and pensions.

Bankers agents burn will He** for stealing from vulnerable seniors. I know I pray for it every night!!

to msTX #602634

I am quite disgusted with your idea of bankers. We do not steal, we do not scam, i'm very sorry you had a bad experience.

Wish it would of been me who had delt with you or whoever it was that was hurt by bankers, because I can promise you things would of been handled differently. Not all bankers agents are bad guys.


BS! I worked for Bankers.

It isn't at all like that where I worked. As a matter of fact, if you are suspected of anything in the respect of using the wrong tactics with any clients, they will turn you in & dismiss you!

Have seen it more than once. Sure your not a competitor trying to raise your own sales?


You describe just a small sample of the rude behavior they encourage. In fact, the more ethically challenged you are, the more likely you will be promoted. They know you will have no qalms about abusing, hard closing, misrepresenting, churning, misleading new rescruits, ect, ect, ect,...

They can't have people there, in the "IN" crowd, who might not see it their way.

No one who wants to do the right thing and have a good reputation, and a great career would consider going to the group interviews, and signing up for that. Which well illustrates the need for the mass recruiting.

Many a young, ambious person has been on one of their "trips" and found themselves owned by the company, and forced to do what they're told.


Please send this in a statement to US Senate Special Committee on aging in Washington DC. Please help save our seniors from these id-i-ots.

You don't even have to sign your name. Please, from a victim of Bankers!

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