I am a 70 year old woman who continues to receive harassing telephone calls from bankers Life and Casualty . For months i have received calls once a day.

Now they are up to twice a day from different people. I tell them I am not interested and they call me back the next day. Take me off your list.

If your company was the only one left in the world I would not buy your insurance because of the harassment. If these calls continue I am calling the better business bureas.I am also telling everyone I know about you.

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Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #1345227

I keep getting phone calls from Bankers Life stating that they are calling me about a job. I have told them I'm not interested and to take me off their list, but they keep calling from different phone numbers that are invalid if I call them back.

574-319-0701 was the most recent phone number. How do I get them to stop calling me?

to Deanna #1483128

Deanna I would appreciate it if you could call me about your experience. I filed a TCPA case for a client who complains of getting phone calls from Bankers Life.

Case was filed as a class action and I am doing investigative work. Howard Prossnitz 708 203 5747


I didn't show up to the cattle call because some guy that barely spoke english called me every morning of the week to remind me to "dress professionally and bring my resume" even after I bailed he continued to call me. I sincerely hope this JOKE of a company fails more than they already are.


this is sh-t


The DNC list means nothing to Bankers.


You are a rude individual, the exact type person who is a Bankers Life and Casualty agent. You delight in hasseling this lady.

Then "NEXT"....the next is that you should wake up elderly in the next 5 minutes, with your phone ringing all day, being presented *** by a Bankers Life and Casualty agent who is laughing at your frailty, for eternity. That would be the purgitory you deserve.

You are exactly the reason that Bankers Life and Casualty continues to be the bain of the insurance industry.

Don't worry your idiocy will be stopped. The company has cultivated your attitude of crudeness and disrepect and is reaping the disregard and distain it deserves, as are you, Creepazoid.




You need to contact the US senate special committee on aging in Washington DC. They want your statement! You can help save the elderly and new job seekers from being scammed.

Knierim, Iowa, United States #235849

I just recently quit the company--as soon as I saw their unethical practices. After I quit Bankers, I received harassing and threatening phone calls on my voice mail from the manager of the office as well as my "manager." Yes, this is just some of the rotten, low down ways in which they operate. I have reported the harassing calls to the local police department who documented this and told me what to do about it.

Knierim, Iowa, United States #235196

I can totally believe everything that you are saying here. I have seen this so often myself from the inside.

That is one of the many reasons that I am no longer an agent with Bankers L & C. As disrespectful at this is, they do a whole lot worse.

Yes, I am reporting all of this. I cannot stand by and allow vulnerable people to be abuse.

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