ive tried over and over to explain my issue with your company, and the more I do , the more doors get shut on me . ive been calling about this issue for two years, and the agent at the time when my mothers policys were started ( Earl Hartman) out of the fresno , ca office He is now at a higher postion , he has not once returned not one of my phone calls.

I did write yr main office a letter and a agent (Chris Clark) did contact me and we met in person. but when I showed him all my paperwork and proof of what my issue was, and mr clark just confermed of what I knew , mr clark about chocked and he took pictures of my paperwork, he couldn't get away any faster than he did, ........ mr clark said he would be contacting me back, That's been 3 months ago and not one call. ive called mr clark 10 times and he dosent answer his phone ive called the three numbers on the card hes giving me and no answer, I wrote a second letter to your main office , but all you guys say is contact the fresno office, and when I do contact the fresno office frist thing they ask for is "whats your policy number"......

the policy number I have shows that its been paid out, ( I know this ..... my question is ....... How do you guys (bankers life insurance) pay out to a dead person?).........

THATS WHAT BANKERS DID........ I PLAN TO TAKE THIS TO A HIGHER LEVEL , IVE BEEN TRYING TO WORK THIS OUT WITH YOU PEOPLE FOR TWO YEARS, MY NEXT STEP IS DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE, DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL RIGHTS, PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP, THANK YOU Janet Charleen Gonzalez policy were under my mothers name Esther Dominguez she had 3 policy with bankers since 2008 she passed away 6/21/2017

Product or Service Mentioned: Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance.

Location: Fresno, California

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