Visalia, California

I got a call very similar to this this morning after posting my resume on the website "" yesterday (10-26-14) and at first I was very excited because I desperately need a job. But now I don't know if I should go or not.

The lady I spoke with did in fact ask me to bring "an updated copy of my resume" an told me that "business attire" was required. Can't they see how long ago I uploaded my resume and tell that it was only yesterday Why should I have to bring in another copy when they should know that it wouldn't have changed in less than24 hours? I don't know what to do now.

I don't know if it's for real or not and this review makes me think otherwise. Thanks for the heads up.

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It's a not a job, it's a business opportunity to sell insurance for 100% commission, no salary, no benefits. It's not an interview you are being invited to attend, it's a cattle call.

There will be many others there, under the mistaken belief that they too have an actual 1:1 interview for a "job". Don't be surprised when you see people getting up and walking out during the presentation.


A note for you, I had the same concerns you did. I still made the change and have no regrets going with Bankers.

Remember the people writing ugly things are topically the ones that couldn't make it work for them. You will have to push yourself everyday to make it.


So i take they paid you to write this? LOL!


I got the same call expecting an interview. But it was a cattlecall to sit through a company introduction.

I received a call the next day that I was invited back. I have the morning looking up the reviews on Banker's and I will not be returning. They say hold integrity and accountability as part of their mission statement. The reviews say otherwise and these are seniors!

They do not need more anguish in times of need. Sorry Banker' s, I need a job, but do not want to sell my soul.


I just got the same call for Dec 9 for an interview. I am reading these reviews.

I am wondering if i should go. I need help to find out more answers before i rearrange my schedule for the part time job i have now.


I also have an interview on Dec 9.. I am wondering too...

I don't got time to waste. ..


so just take a copy of your resume. How hard is that?

You are the one looking for a job, not them. If you expect a company to bend over backwards to hire you, you need to look at the job market a little closer.

YOU need to stand out from all the other applicants.

Maybe it's your attitude that is the problem.