Currently working at a branch office being recently hired. When leads are generated for the agents, management uses customized query software that allows them to set up search criteria in order to produce lead data that contains a wide spectrum of quality, from quite poor to poor to moderately poor to moderately good to quite good to good to moderately excellent to quite excellent to excellent - you get the idea, its a form of control they impose upon the agents.

This would be controlling people with computer generated information. They produce leads for the agents knowing they can control the quality of the information they are providing to them which they use in their day to day work. This gives them a feeling of being in control of other human beings. They distribute the leads and watch intently throughout the day while the agents are making calls, and closely monitor their behavior.

They set people up to fail using this approach on a selective basis. Then they set people up to succeed using this approach on a selective basis. This is all done in order to observe how the agents are emotionally and financially affected over a period of months. This gives management the ability to categorize people as losers or winners that they have created through implementation of this data manipulation technique.

It is quite a twisted game. You see, management is made up of a bunch of people who were total failures and losers in former careers before coming to the company. They hold deep seated emotional scaring as a result of there past experience. Upper management grabbed up people such as this and molded them into what they are now, because burn outs and losers from past lives and careers are easily brain washed.

If you want to see some sick *** going on, pass the exam, go in and join the party, and see things you never though were possible to exist. The manager who sits in the room when agents are making cold calls where I am is quite a twisted dude.

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I completely agree. This company is a joke...100%.

They bring agents in as fast as they leave (usually faster) hoping that they will stick. As our branch manager once told me, as long as you have one to two high producers on your team, and everyone else is making around 1000 a month, you will do okay.

That high producers means 9-10000 a month, while the other eight people arent even making minimum wage. Ridiculous.


I have no idea where you are bit, I have never seen anything like you are saying. The office I am with is everything but what you are saying.


Extremely well said. You are absolutely correct.

These are some sick people, in even more ways than you have said. Could not agree with you more. Let me assure you, I know.

It took 10 long hard years to really see what they were doing, not just too the new agents, but to anyone that didn't like what they were doing to new agent.

The mind games are likened to a cult on more than one website, and believe me again, it's more than true.