Tampa, Florida

I updated my information in XXX (resume database) to reflect that I am looking for part time work. I wrote it on my resume CLEARLY, and on my cover letter.

The next day I received an email from Bankers stating that they wanted to schedule a time to interview me. So I scheduled a time and made sure my schedule was clear and postponed some very important business to go to my interview. I got all ready, prepared, made sure I had everything I needed and set out. I arrived exactly 15 minutes early as was requested, was brought into a room which was eventually filled with about 8 -10 other individuals who applied (totally unexpected).

They were going to conduct a group interview for 15 minutes and then do individual interviews. We then had to pass our resume's up to the front where Person X sat (name changed). Person X then announced that this was a career position for full time applicants. I decided at that point I would leave after the group session to avoid causing a scene.

A scene was made when Person X saw my resume and then immediately upon finding out I was in school told me to leave. No "Thank you for coming out" and no "Goodbye". Just a cold "You can leave." stated with a ridiculous smile as if that would justify the rudeness.

It was extremely humiliating and very rude.

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