My required minimum distribution for 2021 was not handled correctly; it was much less than it should have been. I requested a retroactive amendment to bring the rmd up to what it should have been.

Instead of a retroactive amendment, I received my rmd for 2022. A note; My rmd for 2022 does not have anything to do with my 2021 taxes. I was told that the company could not do as I requested. I'm saying: I don't want to hear what you can't do.

I want you to figure out how to do it. Please send me a statememt explaining that the check I received should have been specified as a amendment to my 2021 rmd.

Include documentation concerning deductions for Federal and State taxes. This should have been done Last Week!

User's recommendation: Make sure they are doing it right!

Location: Lynnwood, Washington

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