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I worked for Bankers. I have never seen such unethical business practices! I cannot believe that this company is still allowed to practice. We had complaints all the time. Agents came and went all the time. That is why they have to recruit so much because no one...
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I have an interview tomorrow - do they pay while they train you and while you are working to take your State Insurance Exam? If so how much and for how long and if not - why not???

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I just received an unsolitated call from a woman who could barely speak English, obviously calling from a call center in India. The number came up as one from my local area code. Bankers Life is outsourcing their jobs to a questionable region when so many in the...
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I got a call once from them last year. Attended the meeting but never took the job.

I got a call from them again today and did not realize at first this was the same company. They set me up for an interview but I am not going.

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Just received a call from a barely understandable woman obviously from a call center in India. Said that they saw my resume on line and would I come in for an interview. It is a cattle call for sales agents. I resent the fact that Bankers Life has outsourced their work...
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Berenice Diaz is a very successful insurance professional. She can help provide you with a great career with Bankers Life, if you're a qualified candidate.

Not every job interview is like you see on TV. People who don't go to job interviews and are not really looking for a job (it would take away from the time they spend complaining about getting a job online).

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Bankers Life And Casualty Company in Dallas, Texas - Phone call

I received a call from them today. Saying they saw my resume on line and I was hires. Wow! I live in Michigan and our economy sucks am I really that desirable. Nope, I can see a scam from a mile away. I told her sorry but I have no car right now. She "just call us when that situation changes for you and the job will be here for you." So after I hung up I found this website. Moral of the story. All my suspicions were confirmed. So if it is to good to be true IT IS!!!!
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Ok so I was contacted like everyone else for a group interview. I went to it and had no idea it was a group interview. They had myself and a few others stay behind while they rest were pulled into a "group interview". They told me that they pulled me aside because I...
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You were not a "recruiter" or anything remotely connected to "hr". You were a telemarketer.

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Bankers Life And Casualty Company in Dallas, Texas - Is Bankers Life and Casualty for real? no sure

I'm glad I googled this company before I made another trip for the 2nd interview. I wasn't sure from the moment I got the call from the recruiter but wanted to give it a chance. It seems there's too many unanswer questions and too many misteries about it so I don't think I'm going to the 2nd interview. They won't disclose in detail how they compensate prospect employees and I didn't even know you had to go thru such BS just to start making an honest living. Be very careful with this company !!!
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I sent this to the lady who asked me to go to an interview after reading all these stories. i think its pretty funny.

i think i'll print out all these stories and hand them out to the prospect employees friday...

I'm sorry, I don't believe i'm going to make it to the interview. i think what you're doing is dispicable. if you were smart you wouldn't tell people to read up and prepare questions. do you have any idea how many sites there are from people selling you out on your scams to elderly people?

i'm in need of a job. not a ticket to ***.


This company is a bunch of lairs, they suck all they do is pray on America's most unfortunate people, that is a crime in my book, they should all go to jail for life!!!


I read this forum periodically because my grandparents were scammed by this company. When I read what Darcy wrote, I thought, I seen this similar comment on this site but different name.

It's odd that these bragging agents always make 70,000. a year.

Good catch Gregg. Bankers trying to reel in those new agents dangling dollar signs scamming job seekers like the scam they pull on the elderly. I'm so glad people see through this company.

As a lot of others on this forum, my grandparents paid in thousands to this awful company and received very little in benefits. I hope this site saves others from working this scam and warns others not to buy policies.


Arlyn, you are definitelty a lying Bankers agents. There wasn't a nurse that came to my alzheimers fathers home. Even if Bankers had a nurse, I would trust her as far as I would trust anyone that worked for Bankers, all liars and scammers. A money grubbing agent like you and Darcy looking for a fast buck without any concerns for the elderly came into his home and talked him into taking a policy (in fact two policies) that he did not need. He had the policy for eight years and for three of those years the man paid over five hundred dollars a month; five hundred dollars that he couldn't afford. The benefits SUCKED compared to the premiums that he paid. So, Darcy as far as your income, big commission and bonuses IF you are making that much, you need to THANK all your unsuspecting, trusting, will never benefit from your bullsh-t policies elderly clients that you are stealing from everytime you've lied and sold them a worthless policy.

If my father had banked his money, then he would have had the funds to take care of himself, but because of this company stealing his income, my brother and I had to mortgage our homes. *** policies didn't pay ***!!! As far as customer service, not only snotty, but the most hateful people in business and if I could have gone through the phone on a few of them, I would have rung their necks. Idiots!

As far as GBrown goes, he or she is right on the money about Bankers Life, it's a business that has been allowed to scam the elderly for a lot of years and it need to be OUT of BUSINESS. It hires idiots that only see the money side for themselves and the CEO's pyramid scam not the seniors that's being hurt.

Like GBrown said, just wait until these elderly's families find out about the worthless policies that you sold, you will be the first person they'll come looking for, then you'll be quitting like all the scamming agents before you.


STAY AWAY from all the families on this site who have seen nothing but heartache from this company!

Get a real job before you have to justify to the Lord how you stole from the mentally challenged!!

I'm also so PROUD of the people on this site who have integrity and respect for our elderly who are not even going for interviews. God Bless You and God will Bless you with a job that you can be proud of and someday you won't have to justify to him for.


I don't know what kind of person wrote this diatribe against Bankers Life, but it is such a crock of lies. Bankers doesn\'t prey on the elderly, and it sure isn\'t a scam.

You think a 150 year old company could stay in business ripping people off with the compliance laws in place now days? You obviously don\'t know what you are talking about.There is absolutely no way to sell a long term care policy to someone with Alzheimers!!! A nurse comes to the home to conduct a face-to-face interview with a memory test that I have had several working people fail!I have worked for Bankers for almost three years, and much of the service and help I give to people is not even for compensation. This is very much the way in the office where many of us have had parents or grandparents that had very sad experiences with aging and Medicaid that could have been avoided with planning.

Whatever \"Gilbrown\" above experienced, I am very sorry, but it is hateful and a bunch of bologna. I have had many people who have used their policies and Bankers is not snotty, rude, or neglectful.

This person obviously has some kind of vendetta, but don\'t take his word. It is NOT a scam, and it is a great opportunity for somone who can be dedicated to solving problems for the elderly while making good money.


It's very disturbing to read complaints and allegations from people who have never even worked for Bankers Life. I interviewed 2 1/2 years ago and was excited to work with seniors and their health and financial needs.

The company is very strong, and committed to integrity. It also takes very good care of its employees with good commissions and many bonuses and promotions. My first full year I made over $70,000 but I studied and worked hard! It is not a place for slackers or someone looking for "quick and easy money".

But the opportunity is there, and it's while your Helping people. I am so thankful for this company!

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