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They will withdraw funds from your bank account and they play with the issue dates to keep the overage withdrawal amounts. They will stop payments to medical providers to the point you will have to pay from your pocket. 6 months later they will pay the doctors but by...
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Bankers Life And Casualty Company in Houston, Texas - Bankers Life & Casualty scam

Company will send you a bill that they threaten to inforce for money paid to you after you leave this crooked company !! The corporate officers enjoy a lavish lifestyle on the benefits on stealing from you. You will bust your butt to make sales, then wait forever to get paid, then once the corruptness is exposed and you quit, you will have to pay back money they say is theirs !!!! Its amazing to me that this scam of a company has not been shut down yet!! I let everybody I know in on Bankers little ponzy scheme they have going. It will be a great help to the world when companies like this are dismantled.
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i just recently saw a video several weeks ago with al hawkins teaching you how to cold call people from a supposed medicare inquiry. hmm.

what a waste? after 2 attempts at passing my licensing exam, $150, actual license $300, finger prints $75 and another $60 on business cards i waited 2 weeks for. i've seen another agent at the office calling people off of the phone book, maybe she didn't want to sell policies to family and friends like they are still forcing me to do. this really concerns me.

thank god i still have my full time job, oh and by the way they wanted me to leave that too.

anyone with any advice i will gladly take it. i feel like i am stuck because i i've spent some money and feel like it's a waste if i do not move forward.


:grin I used to work for them and Just recently found out top 10 agents were let go about a year ago including the Branch manager Al hawkins for curruptive, and illegal accounts activities...all his top ten agents making 1 million a month let go or fired scams from illegal notrary signing, or applicaiton processing, forced or aggressive methods to elderly or not cognitive people. Even his side kick marlon was caught downloading all accounts profiles to try and take to Al hawkins new business he is trying to start up again with Bankers info...isnt that illegal too...his ex fiance forced to stay away from him and all his plan and descrete production all came tumbling down..

I wonder if he still drives a maserati ? LOL hey lavish life is okay if you work hard for it but not off illegal apps, or praying on elderly people...dont work here Bellevue branch was reorganized but hopefully legal now

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I figured this was some type of b.s. I just got a call also stating "the manager" saw my resume on Monster and I am scheduled for an interview, but I heard like a call center in the background, plus I have no Insurance skills on my resume not to mention I haven't...
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I received a call today for an interview good thing I looked into it I'm glad I did. This studying person is the uneducated one.

My mother is an insurance agent and owns her own office she went to Kaplan university for a week to obtain her license like any other person can do. It is hard work but does not cost thousands just admit you fell for the scam as well as others makes you seem less uneducated than trying to price something you know nothing about.

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Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance

Bankers Life And Casualty Company in Houston, Texas - Annoyed

Today I got a call from a Indian women claiming to be a recruiter from Bankers Life. She said she was calling from Dallas, but really it sounded like she was calling from New Delhi, anyways she told me she found my resume on yahoo jobs, which by the end of doing my research on this company really annoys me, because I want my resume to be seen by honest legit companies!!! She said I could move up to management position fast... blah blah.. I too got excited, then decided to check online sources!! Thanks for every one's help... this is BS, and these people should be ashamed of themselves!! Also my "interview" is tomorrow at noon, so I thought about printing out copies from this blog, and passing them out to people who go, that have no clue!!
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*** those mother *** at BANKERS! SCAM is what it is and you won't make any money!


I too have just worked for Bankers for the last 6 months. I never made any money, and the chargebacks I received put me in debt to them.

I thought it would be a good idea to quit and get another job and pay them back. Does anyone know if they will set up a monthly plan with you or how that works?


F&I, keep your job and your morals and help save our seniors from Banker's pyramid scam. It's your decision, but if you do become Bankers newest agent, keep your scamming *** away from my family. Consider me as your first rejection.


I have a good job that pays well. But the hours are LESS than desirable. I applied for a job on yahoo not realizing my resume was going to be posted. I received a call from a recruiter from Bankers and went into the initial briefing. They were very up front about what the process was.

But I want to point out something important. I'm a finance manager and am paid SOLELY on commission. And when someones cancels a policy I get a chargeback for the residual of that policy! Its COMMON PRACTICE in a commission based job. Why would a company eat all the cancelation? It would be out of business FAST. And once you are working and making money its just part of the cost of having this kind of job. I make money every month, and I always figure out what my pay is and avg about $500 in chargebacks every month. I just figure it in.

I have my 2nd interview tomorrow. And I will certainly be asking some questions that I may not have asked prior to reading these scams. But we should keep in mind that typically people who comment are people who have had bad experiences or choose not to work hard and blame everyone else but themselves.

So I have chosen to keep an openmind, see what they have to say, pray about it, and see where it leads me. But I will also say, I definitely wont be quitting my other job while I figure out Bankers. Just in case...


I guess I should have read this before going into the interview today.. I went there expecting a one-on-one interview, as the man I talked to on the phone promised.

I arrived to a room full of 30 or so people.. It struck me as odd, since no company that I know of is taking in that many people at a time, most are downsizing.. After almost 2 hours of listening to a man talk to me about what I thought might be a great opportunity, he tells me the bad news.. that if someone cancels a plan you sell them, then the money you got as commission you owe back to them..

Even if you dont work for them anymore. Then it got even worse! He said that there 3 days of training that you aren't paid for and nearly $300 to start up.

I left the room immediatly.

I talked to a recruiter outside on his break and he said that his job is to round up about 25 to 30 people a day to meet there for an "interview" and he gets paid for how many agree to pay the startup fees. He said the bigger bosses call it "fishing for idiots"


i was called also by a woman who sounded like she was in a telemarketing station. she said that they wanted to hire me and i have an interview friday at 1030.

i'm thinking the same thing as you... pass all this stuff i'm finding on the web to everyone there. I'm definently not going for an interview. i'll go to pass out those papers.

lol. yeah. prepare questions.

:grin sure.. lol


These people called my wife a Pediatrician yesterday to attend a "orientation". They told her it was a job she could do from home 3 days a week and 2 from the office.

She would be calling patients and asking them questions on the medications they take. How can these *** lie like this??


here is part of the email they sent me after i accepted there interview. "Please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for our meeting.

I encourage you to bring a recent copy of your resume and to "PREPARE A LIST OF QUESTIONS." so while preparing a list of questions lol i found all these complaints and people saying bankers life is a scam.

thank you bankers for telling me to prepare questions. needless to say i will not be attending my "interview." :grin


Thanks for everybodys comments on the Bankers Life company. I too received a call saying they saw my resume and wanted to schedule an interview.

I thought it was strange right away that a company called Bankers Life was contacting me, because my work experience as stated on my resume is all serving and bartending jobs. In this economy, doing what they do should be illegal.


It's sad that Bankers is trying to hire so many new agents to do their dirty work. New hires really don't know the devastation that Bankers does to families.

New hires just want a job, they don't know that they are the fondation for a very high pyramid scam. New agents get a one time commission, while Bankers CTO's get a bonus every year off these poor seniors expensive monthly premiums. The policy premiums when agents sell are usually around one hundred, but they excell to six hundred a month. By the time the premiums are this expensive the seniors can't afford them, but their mental compacity don't know how to stop this exspense from being withdrawn.

It takes the family to find out about Bankers before the scam is broken.

Thanks to all the ones who see through this company and will not work to continue this scam and I truly hope you do share this site with new hires.

I hope Bankers CTO's are going bankrupt just like they have done many seniors for many years. Every dog has it's day.

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Bankers Life And Casualty Company in Houston, Texas - Bankers Life & Casualty has pissed me off!

Bankers Life & Casualty is a joke! I replaced my previous policy with another Life insurance company--listening to the deceiving presentations of the agents from Bankers. I have had nothing but headaches dealing with these people. But--they will take your money...I would tell anyone that is in search for Life Insurance, please don't consider Bankers Life & Casualty. They try to make the customer seem like they don't know what they are talking about by turning around what you are try to "tell" them. If at all possible-avoid Bankers Life & Casualty for life insurance. No-Good
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I was told over the phone, like many of you, the same "song & dance" of how they can make you a manager in a short time, I had asked the reps on the phone, if the job I would be working for is a commission job, they had said, not for management, both never told me that I would have to be an agent first, both said, that I would be not working for commission as a manager, another one heard that I was new in town and wanting to start a new life, she had offered me to stay with her while, I got back on me feet, while we would work together, she had given me her cell phone number to keep in touch, to see how I was doing, while I finally gave in to come to the interview, two hours away, ("for a better opportunity")The first I had noticed, was a ink board with people's names and dollar amounts, that is when it hit me, when I had done telemarketing in the past, it had the same feel to it, then I knew it would be commission. Towards the end of the meeting the boss tells everyone that there is nothing wrong with making commission, that there is not such thing as colds calls here, we have warm and hot calls.....

Boy was I angry at myself, due to my boyfriend had told me to do research BEFORE going to the job. *** me, I was not careful about that, until now. I should have listened to him. I had wasted my gas and wear and tear on my car, thinking I could work in a nice company and earn a good living, having a new life up there in Los Angeles, all for what.....

working for a company that is a scam!!!!!! I just hope I can find work and have a new life up there in Los Angeles, but not working for *** like Banker's Life.


BL will find loop holes in a policy so they don't have to pay. Consumers are not aware of the loop holes when agents sell them policies, also be very careful because they will tell you a monthly price of a policy and then when you get your bank statement, it will be much higher.


Go to your local insurance agent so that you can always find him & talk face to face if you have a problem. Stay away from BL!!


What was deceiving, describe your experience? I would like to know the reason behind your statement other than "headaches". Also, what area of the US did this happen?

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Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance

Bankers Life And Casualty Company in Houston, Texas - Bankers Life & Casualty has made my insurance experience miserable

I switch from a company that I have been with for a long time when I lived in a different state to Bankers Life. This was back in 2003. I purchased three policies. one for myself, and one on each of my adult daughters. I had the premium withdrawed from my checking account monthly. I moved to Texas after Hurricane Katrina so I had to switch to an agent here; big mistake. now they tell me I'm not the owner of the policies on my daughters and they stop withdrawing for one of the policies.I have been filling out forms and trying to get this corrected for the last 8 months and still no progress. I just keep getting more and more forms to fill out. I'm to the point where I'm ready to cancel all the policies and find another reliable company. I have never in my entire life has been so disappointed in an insurance company like I am with Bankers Life & Casualty.
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If I was an agent that couldn't write nor spell I'd be reluctant to post any messages in any forum.

If you're going to do business with an insurance please be certain that the individual has, at a minimum, good math and communication skills.


If anyone needs an agent with help on any products do not hesitate to call my. I work out fo the Depere Office In

Wisconsin and live in Appleton Wisconsin

920-983-2960 ext 114

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Bankers Life And Casualty Company Life Insurance

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