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100% focused of taking advantage of naive trusting people. They talk seniors into trusting them and then sell them policies that defraud them to the limits of legality.

Trying to just close the accounts and take the loss, is a battle. They always have a reason to make you reapply the withdrawel application because a vague form is missing... over and over.

Details are always unknown by them. One office has to "Write" to another office to see what the problem is otherwise they dont have access to the information needed. (IT'S UNBELIEVABLE they can get away with this).

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Attorney Joe, what law firm are you with in what state and what states does this class action cover, also can you say how many people you're representing at this time. It is a serious matter to me and from what I'm reading to a lot of others, the preying on the elderly and mentally challenged for personal gains.

So for a lot of us on this forum, you need to post on this site, "add complaint" at the top of this page and let us all in on what your intentions. Mine is to be a tank to stop Bankers from taking advantage of as many families as possible like they did me & my family.

I lost thousands after dealing with three agents and of course they no longer work for the company. Personally I hope they're all three homeless, SOB's.


I am one of several attorneys involved in a class action against Bankers Life related to its senior sales practices. As part of our investigation, I am interested in speaking with anyone (except current employees/agents of Bankers Life) that has factual information related to the practices of Bankers Life. You can contact me at


It's unbelievable what *** bag agents have done to many seniors all over the US The agents & employees with Bankers Life & has to be doomed to a very hot eternity. I hope!!

I hate this company with every fiber in my body.

Does anyone know what can be done to bring attention to B.L.

frauding the elderly, that is effective???

I'll be the first in line to sign my name to a class action lawsuit. I don't want any of my money back if I could just see this company OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

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