Ok, There are way too many posts for a simple answer. And Both arguments are semi right. First off the positives, + the company is not a scam, it is a 130 yr old insurance giant with over 10 billion dollars in assets. Secondly, you can make a ton of money at all levels whether you are an agent, a field trainer a USM, A BSM a or an RD and above. (However, it does typically go up with each position. Three, you get to determine how much you make by your skill and work ethic. Company has a ton of perks, nonstop all expense paid vacations, you control your schedule, normally a good work place with good people. It also has a great bonus structure!!!

The bad stuff, It pretty much is a pyramid scheme, but in reality what job isnt? You put on a lot of miles on your car, phone calling is repetive and can be frustrating (but its better than picking up garbage or working at Burger King for a living) and it takes skill to close business. Also, when you are first starting it's difficult to pay bills sometimes becasue you are still in a learning process and for taht reason it isnt right for everyone. In fact, its not right for a lot of people, but that doesnt mean you should never give it a try because this job does allow a person with no college degree to make over 6 figures, it also gives a person wtih a college degree the opportunity to make less than 5 figures.. lol . Also, there are bad apples in every company, you will come across people maybe not always doing the right thing for the company but I believe in general this company has great people working for them.

As for myself I've been an agent and a Field Trainer going on 3 years, I've seen a lot of ups and downs but I do love what I do but that doesnt mean there are days that I wish I was doing something else. Its hard work, and you have to be on your game all the time to make sure you are gettin a nice check.. that all

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I just received a call from these clowns saying they saw my resume online and I could tell right away that they have some "game" going. I don't even fit into their industry!! The woman that called me didn't have voice-mail when I called back (a big red flag!), didn't speak English well and was clearly reading a script.

For all of you who keep saying things like "They've been around for 100 years", or they are a genuine company..... so was ENRON.

Don' be fooled by their predatory hiring practices.


I think it would be better and more honorable to pick up garbage and work at Burger King, than to work at Bankers Life. In fact, your comment about sanitation workers, and food service employees is offensive to them. You seem to have the Bankers attitude about people.

Let's see, the Inside Edition story said something about, hmmm, what was it, Oh, yea, "They have a sound on the phone, the sick, the uneducated, the poor." Something like that. It eluminates the pervasive CONseco/Bankers corporate opinion of their own market base. That this company openly teaches this distain, is absolutely criminal. The fact that it is used as a teaching tool is pulling the chain of the least honest/greenest agents.

You might think again, about how you think.


You may still be there, drinking the Koolaid but that doesn't mean your're speaking the truth. This company sucks.

I was there for years and I know their sales training is about "making Granny cry". I am sure you completed your "RIGHT Brain Selling" course, and the BS online training. They will can your *** someday, when they decide, to take your renewals. You know it. I know it.

You should speak to the new agent puppymill, and how it takes advantage of these poor guys who actually "buy in" literally and figuratively, thinking that since they had to attest to the "Code of Ethics" that they are going to be with a company with integrity. HA! They have no intention of the new fools succeding. They have every intention of having a phone slave, who writes a few deals, then gets discouraged and leaves. They then, either rewrite the deals and the company charges back the new fool, or they leave it in place and pay half the commission renewals to someone like you.

You should, like me, be ashamed of having ever been there, based on how it has become, or really tell the truth. Your analogy of how hard it is, only discribes insurance in general, not the Bankers way of taking advantage of green agents, who don't know any better, and these seniors who trust them.

I love seniors, our greatest generation. I love insurance. I am horrified that Bankers continues to even exist.


I went to the orientation, just to see what this was all about. The speaker, Todd O'Connell or something, was very charismatic.

He said some things that made the company sound very attractive to pull us all in, and then he started talking about how old people need insurance and they are a great resource because they are sitting on tons of money, and the goal is to get them to spend money at Bankers.He said that they will eventually die, and really didn't seem too bothered by anything he said. A man in the audience asked some pointed questions about turn over rate of employees, and Todd basically dodged by telling us that the industry has no real set rating of turn over rate, that it is per company and that its just a made up number. Basically the man asking the questions got it out of him that there was a roughly 50% turn over rate. ridiculous!

Furthermore, you have to put 110 dollars in a month to generate leads, and honestly, who has that money when they are jobless an penniless? Also, the licensing, state fees, and books are around 400 bucks total. So in the first month of "working" there, you drop 500 bucks on loads of *** that COULD help you succeed, but probably won't because it is discouraging to walk door to door selling insurance to old people who can't even remember if they crapped themselves or not. If you're looking for work, GO to burger kings and mcdonalds and earn an honest living even if it is minimum wage, because scamming old people is a despicable thing to do.


If you ever end up going to an interview and its some kind of seminar with a speaker that throws numbers and BS about it being a hard but rewarding job, get up and leave, you will be out a bunch of cash if you buy into it. Seriously, an honest living breaking your back is better than a dishonest living taking advantage of people.

Scarlet B

what job isnt a pyramid scheme? ONE THAT ISNT A SCAM!

i worked as a pharmacy tech for cvs, i didnt have to pay for my license, or my national certification, which was well over 300$ all together. i'm so glad i researched this company before going to the interview, anyone that can exploit seniors like that and pretty much steal their money SHOULD BURN IN ***!!!!


It's not a hard job to go into seniors homes when most are at an age they do not need to be making financial decisions or some mentally challenged and sell them useless worthless policies that robs them of their pensions and savings. All it takes is money hungry greedy Banker's agents as yourself who have no morals about scamming the elderly.

Banker's agents only think about their commission, bonus or what fabulous trip they'll be going on, again thanks to the poor unsuspecting senior you just scammed.

I pray every night that the US senate halts all door to door Bankers agents from entering these peoples homes. If the US senate doesn't do anything to these scrupulous agents and all employees of Bankers, someday God will.

People who are trying to defend this company on this site is only trying to convince themselves that they are doing nothing wrong. You are and you know it.

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