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This a solid, reputal comapny. Its interesting that the web site is for Pissed people. You make your decision, You be the judge. Dont let negitive people, influence your career.

This is a 130yr old Company. Do you belive that a Company can be in business for that long Scamming peole?

Check it out on the Web. "Bankers.Com"

This is interesting site to bad im not Pissed Off.

I do understand that Not everyone is 100% ever pleased or willing to look into a Companys background, but by visiting a site that is directed for pissed off customers...what do you think you are going to find?

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Somebody PLEASE take these people at Bankes down and out for good!!!!!!!!!


To the person who wrote the original post stating Bankers did nothing wrong; I guess you've been living under a rock for the last 2 yrs; how many 130 yr old companies are now no longer in business because of bad decisions and scams? How many others have been bailed out by all of us because of bad decisions and scames? I don't know if Bankers is a scam or not, but to say they aren't simply because they have nice words on their website and have been in business a long time means NOTHING; so next time you do a google search, how about searching for a clue!


We all know that Bankers Agent (and all of it's "sister " companies) use the same scam and hire people like you to monitor web traffic and write e-mails like this to make that operation even MORE of a scam. Just because a company has a insurance license DOES NOT make them legitimate! Some people check their facts.


We all feel sorry for your computer because it works there. Tell us, did the COMPUTER have to pay up front to be trained? Make tons of calls to people that had been called before? Go door to door to sell??


I have reported you to the Attorney General's office and guess what - they have many other complaints on you. Big surprise.

Watch out because Big Brother is watching.


I am so glad Ive read the reviews I got called in for an interview for sales and a management position and will not be going to this interview.The lady couldnt even tell me if the management portion was goin to be commission or salary based


19 out of 20 is 95%.... Fact.


Do you believe that a company or ANYBODY would do "business" the same way for 130 years?

And what do YOU expect to find on Bankers' own website? That's the same in principle as asking Al Capone if he ever paid anyone to murder somebody.


:( They scammed me!!!


:sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh got a call for an interview. glad I didnt pick up.


Bankers is seriously allowed to prey upon our elderly and the only thing you can call it is legalized criminals.Someday and I do believe soon, this company will be brought to justice, but will return under a new name.

They are just the evil of our world and it's sad that seniors are the victims.Watch your elderly family members from Bankers and all the scams that will prey upon them.

Seneca, South Carolina, United States #120626

I am so glad I found this daughter was called for an interview tomorrow...and I had to research to see what kind of company they really are and I can upon this site.... needless to say she will not be going on this interview...Thanks a million

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