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I put my resume on the internet and I got a call to come in for an interview.So I went and then they called me back for a second and a theird interview.

They had me come back and fill out some thing's on the computer and told me they would have a man named Tod Peaterson give me a call to get everything going. They gave me the things I needed to study from so that I could take my state test. I never heard back from Tod so I called him. I never got a retured call.

I think this is a poor way of conducting business.

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The longest jounrey starts with a single step .I think this is a huge Organization .In 1985, I had a Three Month Training Programme with them in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.They were really good and have got a huge Potential for corporate advancement for you Most importantly that you should be a batchelor, and no dependants to worry about .; i.e., a Family or the like since you are on Commission Basis rather than with a Monthly steady income and yet it is worth the try Be assured of one thing though .ONCE A SALESMAN .ALWAYS A SALESMAN .It doesn't matter whether or not you have the right experience..

You will get it with the passage of time, and it is hoped you will grasp the whole concept in a Six Month Period That's why you need to take it seriously as though it is your job forever .Be also assured that it REALLY PAYS OFF QUITE WELL when it comes to Commision on a Big Deal ..Try to start with Co. Inactive Accounts / Potentials for a start Maybe you get lucky where others have failed and you will learn what to say how to say it .You will learn from your mistakes .I very much encourage you going for it; provided you HAVE THE WILL TO LEARN THE AMBITION TO CLIMB UP THE LADDER towards the Professionals .I know for sure some of the Senior Ones used to earn more than a Couple of Million Dollars on Anual basis out of Commission .

They were covering a Number of States, and not only the City they were situated in .It involved Lots of Travel back in 1985, but with nowadays' Internet the like, I am sure distances has been minimized to almost Zero I wonder if Mr.Brian Lucas still works with them It is just a name ingraved into my head Go for it and best of luck .References :


I have an interview set up for next week-How should I proceed??


Hey yeah thank God for yje internet in the old days they would have scammed us all.I got called today and was going to waste a lot of gas and time.The only thing that so9unds good is the part of them giving stuff to help get state licences for selling insurance maybe it would be worth it just for that.I could bring that to another better company ,right? :x :? :? :? :x


Bankers Life is NOT a SCAM.They are a real company based out of Chicago.

The only thing I would warn indiviuals of is that you better be well aware of how 100% commission jobs work. If you work really hard you can make money. The thing is that you may work bery hard and really not make much money. Selling Insurance takes time to get ramped up and really start making money.

You need to make sure and have either a big savings account to get you thru the rough day, weeks, months before you really start making money and thats not even gurranted. Or your better have a wife, girlfriend, parents etc, that care carry you.

If you dont have either of these "back up" plans then you will soon realize that this is a very tough business the begining.


Can anyone think of the last time they wrote a post about something positive?

Now what about the opposite? When is the last time you posted something negative?

People are far more willing to tell bad experiences than good ones!

Ponder that idea.

Also to rofl... It doesn't matter whether it is the internet or not...if someone misspells a word, it's not because of carelessness most of the time, just they are too *** to know it is incorrect. And, some times it may be laziness to look up the correct spelling. End of the line, it does matter...your IQ level doesn't look too high! Also could explain why you are looking for a job=laziness!


For the most part, every person prior to this that has cried about people misspelling things on the internet, misspelled things themselves. ITS THE INTERNET STOP TRYING YOU NERDS.

and for you religious fanatics, try living your life and not living your life for someone else you brainwashed inbreds.


I have an interview on wednesday. I will let you know how legit it is.


I have an interview on wednesday and so far everything has seems legit. i will let everyone know of the status :) :)


Not sure what to think...soppose to go for an interview tuesday...

thinking twice now that im reading all this ... not just on this site but plenty of other sites too.. just google it ...

and you see how many complaints and injustice this company has done...its crazy


Wow, this is scary.Bankers Life, I have heard of but am not familiar with their company.

Office Team is legitate.I used to work with temporary employees from Office Team and have used them to find temporary work.

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