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I just got an email from them and I knew right away that it was a scam...I have been looking for a job since I was laid off of my payroll manager job in Nov '07 for a corporate company with 13 restaurants. I have been going through this scam thing the whole time and it is only getting worse!

I agree, you should not have to pay to get a job that should pay you.

I fell for this scam a couple years ago and drove 1 1/2 hours away on my last tank of gas and gave them my last $200.00 and never got my money back. How come they do not call you AFTER they get your money if they want you to work for them so bad?

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This just makes me SO nauseated. I'm unemployed also. I've struggled since Feb of last year. Be a year in two weeks. I'm behind on EVERYTHING after having always had a STELLAR credit rating. I'm sure it's not there now.

I live on the bare minimums. I had the Satellite TV shut off - a ripoff anyway - and, am always behind now on truck payment and insurance for it and the two credit cards I have. I've never used either of them but, still have a tough time making the minimum.

Not trying to turn it into a personal "sob" story but, when it gets BAD cold here, I'd just leave the heat off, wear sweats to bed and bundle up. This house got SO cold last weekend during the snow. But, last summer, when the A/C unit outside was busted, it got so hot in here, the thermostat was off the scale. I finally found the main fan motor I needed and managed to repair it myself.

With as tight as everything is, makes me wonder IF those bastards in the WH are even AWARE of the misery.

I really can't complain too badly.....I live alone but, it's still tough. I'm sure, and KNOW, it's worse for parents with little ones.

I HOPE I don't end up in foreclosure. Sorta makes me wonder IF the "big three" credit reporting agencies aren't going to have to change their 'scales'. With millions of always on time peeps not able to live, I'd think so. NO ONE can get a mortgage anymore. Owning a home used to be everyone's dream. I now regret buying this one - my FIRST one.

I've seen several articles touting how it's not very wise to buy anymore. Might have a point.

IF I have to leave, and this were an apartment, I could forfeit a deposit. With this house, right now, I'm SCREWED.


Time to stop being naive now.....I'm sorry you got sucked into that *** but, it's the insurance industry. To me, they ARE the banking industry.

I had a "headhunter" find my resume online. They sent me to two interviews. Neither of them panned out. One place went out of business, the other place in TN never contacted my or any of the other five who went in there.

I never paid that headhunter a thing but, that's something else to beware of. BOTH the interviews I went on cost me. One in Memphis cost me a hotel room and the fuel for that. The other cost me a bad night of sleep at home, getting up and going around 5AM and a full tank of gas.

There's peep making money off of this unemployment situation, for sure.

Since that second interview last year, I've NEVER heard from that headhunting outfit again. IF anyone's curious, just let me know.

I call them a headhunter but, I think they're more of an "agency". Kinda like the places temporaries are hired out of.


You know, it really makes me wonder.....they're NOT licensed to peddle their *** in the State of New York but, are in all the other 49 state. WHY is that?

Does NY State know something the other 49 are too ignorant to either figure out or know?

This is the SECOND insurance scam company to contact me in about three months. They're preying off of your resume' you post online with your phone contact and email. That's all these insurance companies are.....PREDATORS.

I have ZERO doubt they'll just use you as long as they can and move on.

People are gonna get wise sooner or later.....I opened the emails.....nice graphics and personally addressed to me. Probably a "new hiree" who has paid the start up fee and that's how they work. Surf around careerbuilder and monster.

I think they'll learn.


I, too, am unemployed. Thank you for the 411.

I am cancelling my interview for immediately!!!! I can spend that time looking for a real job.

My Christmas wish is I pray we all find jobs and save our homes from foreclosure. God Bless Us All!!!


Hi, thank u for all your comments and advise, like you all I have an interview next weds but dont you all worry, I intend going. Going to shoot all those *** because am not going to be scammed again.Enough is enough. Its game over.


Go ahead and scam the elderly, GOD KNOWS you'll pay, ***. Bankers is grasping, that's why they're trying to find idiots like you to scam for them.

That's why these sites are out there to help people be aware, people are finding out about Bankers and not buying policies, Thank God. So go ahead ***, scam, it'll come back to you in the end when money won't help you *** a - -.


Make money??? Try Google and see the results.

How can we all be wrong? The one's making the money are the scammers!

I have better things to do than to take advantage of people that are unemployed or old and I am the one that has to look in the mirror every day. :) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x

Novelda, Valencia, Spain #93193

Well I find it hard to believe that a company that has been in business for almost 130 years YES 130 years is a scam, how do you stay in business that long if you are not doing something right? And I know from family that there is alot of money to be made at a scam of a JOB.with that said everyone that wants to make money should have a scam job. LOL

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