What a coincidence, I just got a call from them yesterday saying they received my resume online, even though I never sent it to them nor do I fit the criteria for the position.The lady was also very short with me about the job position itself and basically just told me to dress nicely.

She also sounded like she was generically reading off of a piece of paper the whole time, which made me very suspicious.

I was contemplating going to the interview on Monday, but I'm incredibly thankful that I stumbled across these reviews first.Thank you everyone.


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:? could some email something i am confused about workin for these people. Kyra_julian0904@yahoo.com


With all the poor grammar from the posts of the people that work, or have worked there, It would be very hard to pursue this company.It sounds like they will hire anyone and just hope.

Great model for success.

I love the Candi post, "I made over $40k my first year." Really?Is that good?


It cost $330.00 to put an ad in several local newspapers to warn people about Bankers door to door agents, but it was worth every penny. I have got a lot of feed back. I at least saved a few people from being scammed.


I hope the investigation by the US senate put all of you elderly scammers out of work!

For former employees, you need to contact the US senate and tell them what's really going on at Bankers. You owe this to all the seniors who have been scammed.


I was there 15 years, and was extremely successful, and know it's not the company it was. They keep you and other veterans out in the field. You won't see any renewals, ask a few of your peers, many who have been there longers than you, who don't see a dime. If you're making good money, great for you. When they get ready, and it won't be long, they can your *** and give your business away. So being out here on pissed consumer when you should be in field is a waste of your time.

Oh, wait a minute, you may be into recruiting now, and need a good word about this very sorry company to help your low recruiting numbers. You better get them up, or you'll get a good cussing from your RD. Don't worry, there will always be some poor suckers who will buy and drink the koolaide.

But people who come here to look at this information, want to know how it really is. Don't go to the B- rated company. D rated by Weiss, who isn't paid to sugar coat it.

You should be defensive, I was too, at one time. But the lieing and deception and frankly stealing business from newbies, and older agents, the fraudulent applications , the forged signatures, the misinformation, and desparation of a failing company, that has never recovered their ratings, and had to take Conseco to court to stop them from canabalizing the company(which they are doing anyway) became too much. I don't want to represent substandard companies or polices, and earn less than street level commission. I now represent A rated companies in advance markets, rather than sitting stagnant with this pathetic company. You like it, stay there, but if you wake up, kiss your renewals good bye.

Don't go to Bankers Life, you'll be used and broke when you leave, and you'll own them for the priviledge. You be considered lazy and ***, as evidenced by the kind words of these "great" agents.

RUN, RUN, RUN, far away. Any other company is better than this one.


250 a week? REALLY??? GEEEE YOU REALLY did suck. I guess that is why you are such a crybaby? Had to be someone else's fault right? Im sure your perfect? Every had a job more than 3 years?

I have been here 18+ years.

I made 100k my first year and do about 200k now and I have a great lifestyle. I have made as much as 300k. I will retire with a pension in excess of 100k inside of 10 years.

It's not for everyone I admit. Some people make drinking water look hard too. I sleep very well knowing I make a great living while helping a market that needs a honest hard working guy on their side. I DONT AND NEVER HAVE SCREWED ANYBODY OVER and if I cant put them in a better policy at a better price then I do nothing. I have the track record to prove it. And the referrals to back it up.

My renewals are 80k a year before I sell a thing.

Great job if your a salesman---horrible if your just looking to get paid just for hanging out.

My recommendation to all is give it a try if your finances allows you to get thru about 4 to 8 weeks to get roliing.

If by that time you dont like it then bail and do something else. Pure and simple. And dont be a whiner if it doesnt work out.


Okay I received an E-mail from this company and just by reading what the E-mail said made it seem like a scam, so I made the *** appointment and then read reviews about them on several web sites and I'm not falling for it.


I've worked at banker's for 7 months and it has been a great company to work for. Yes, there is high turnover, but the opportunity to make a decent living is there if you are positive and a hard worker! If you make 47k in your first year, they will send you on a trip to the Carribean for a week with all expenses paid for.


please someone tell me something good. I am set to interview and I am reading bad things. Is giving them money re: to work at Bankers?menjaz7@yahoo.com


been there forever--greast job Ive ever had--it is work but what isnt that pays you well. you get to help retired people protect themselves and try to save them loot. They are always interesting people.

so if your lazy, not a people person, and cant take critism and rejection that comes with ALL sales jobs then this is not for you.

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