How can Bankers Life keep getting away with this. I was also very excited that I might have a chance at a new career.

I look at their magazine Bankers life. Growing together and also noticed not one employee from Texas was a Top Performer in Feb 2010. I evan told the agent that interviewed me that I believed bankers life is a real and true company. My mother evan carried bankers life ins for herself.

Just grateful it did pay for her burial last year. So needless to say, im upset, that this company is not so real when it comes to hiring people. Mr Martinez asked if I could live without pay for approximately 2wks or a little more.

I told him I was willing to pay my rent, car and other obligations late, so I can get started with bankers life. Also because the present company i work for is not so great.

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You have no ethics at all. You can make rude comments to imply that everyone here is lacking because they weren't willing to bend over for Bankers Life.....while you hold your ankles.

No one has time or money to spend, then earn, then give back to Bankers.

It's a puppymill situation that runs people through as phone slaves, to write useless junk, taking advantage of seniors. No amount of ethics or desire to succeed can overcome that...you are an example of the strawboss mentality that keeps it alive, hopefully not, for much longer.


None of this is true.

Do you always blame the company for your lack of work ethic or desire to succeed?


Shame. Shame.Shame.


Everyone keeps saying the same things over and over and it is getting annoying. You are not paying THEM to get started, you are paying the state you live in to take an exam to be a licensed agent.

It is not a scam and it is not a job everyone can be good at,, so get over it.

The online classes you pay for to prepare for the exam, once again the money is not going in BLC's pocket. Also, they even reimburse you for the classes after you have been working for a certain period of time


This is another new way for Bankers Life to make money on new agents. Not only do you have to pay to get your license and go without a commission check for minimum 30 days and when you do make a sale, you would have to probably split it with the agent that rode with you only to make about $100.

Not much of a paycheck, huh? BUT, now they also want YOU, the new agent, to pay THEM money upfront to COVER THEIR EXPENSES to get you started. WHAT A JOKE !

! !

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