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I received "the" phone call that everyone else had gotten. Some woman I could hardly understand reading a script. I basically said yes to get off the phone and have been dying to start working again. It was with trepidation that I say okay, so I googled the company. Obviously I found this site and read many things that confirmed my suspicions. I emailed the manager/interviewer, whatever and cancelled my appointment, asked not to be contacted again and basically told him that part of the reason is from the bad information I had received about the company. He wrote back some bs, thought it was over. Yet today, I received an email (with his name attached) trying to reschedule. I wrote back to him, reminding him we had already had this conversation and that the email just kinda sealed the deal on what I had heard about the company. He wrote back with this "advice" for me (threat):

"Sorry for the additional email. My correspondence with you was via my phone as I was out of town for meetings. I was unable to update the computer system to reflect you decision to cancel. I will flag your resume accordingly so that no future contact is made. It is obvious that having to receive email is a hassle and we wouldn't want you to exercise any maturity in the matter such as simply deleting the correspondence. OKC is a big city and we do deal with 100s of resumes per week. Not sure how this proves anything you read on the web. Most companies use computers today as well as technology to assist them in everyday business. I am well connected in the business community. You may want to consider "playing a little nicer" in regards to your professional conduct. You never know who will be your boss, or conduct your next interview. I was taught many years ago that burning bridges was never a good idea. Wishing you the best........."

So, wow, who wants to run out and go to the cattle call interviews now. And if he is that well connected (I didn't include the name or contact info, but willing to share if you would like to know), I'm not sure I would want to work for that person either. Nice to know when you say no twice, you get a big ol' threat about your professional future.

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No, there is no salary at all. it is 100% commission.


How long were you with them? When you joined Bankers did they pay you a salary while you learned about the company and prepared for the State Insurance Exam?

I have an interview coming up with them and want to exactly what to expect. Thanks!