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First... I have a degree in Business Administration, hold a real estate license, owned/operated a business over 6 years & have been in the management field over 10 yrs. Currently I manage a branch of a Contractor Supply chain.

App. 3 days ago I was contacted by "Builders Life" and told that my resume had caught their attn and since I have never sold Ins. thought I would go to the interview to see if the company was legit. I explained to the receptionist that were I work we wear casual clothes & that I couldn't just leave early to come to an interview due to my responsiblities. She informed me that they had an "opening"at 4 pm and I agreed to be there.

Upon arriving I was given a folder that told "Builders Life" story, and sent into a room with several other people. After I sat reading the brochures for some 10-15 minutes, the receptionist approached me and asked that I step out of the room. I was lead into the main lobby where I was told by an office manager that I could not sit through their interview wearing the clothes I had on and that I would have to come back another time.

I WAS wearing blue jeans, a polo shirt & dress shoes. The jeans are NOT worn or faded. When I mentioned my clothes to the receptionist on the phone, not once did she say that it was "necessary" for me to wear "dress" clothes. I explained to her I would be coming straight from my present job and would not have time to change.When I walked into the front lobby I was allowed to sign in and directed to the room where the others sat. It was obvious that would be some sort of mass interview.

So what did it matter?

One of Bankers Life's mottos is "For common people" Really?

What a joke...

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States #740984

They did you a large favor. Also they don't deserve a person who has management skill, in fact, that would work against you.

You've been saved a lot of time trouble and money.

If it seems a little clockwork orange, it is. You were thrown back out of the rabbit hole.

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