Plain City, Ohio

I got a call for a job with them. Its for an administrative position though.

Instead of an agent. Has anyone had experience with those interviews, or jobs ? Im relocting to NC. So I can help care for a sick relative.

I really need a job before I go though. So any advice on a job with them of this type would be greatly appreciated.

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Your best bet would be to save enough money to completely live off of for one year, then rent an apartment to wherever you are locating, and SEE for yourself. These places are scamming, and I thought my 'interview' was real, but I am hearing that it is not.

I had a 'group' meeting, it was more like a presentation..then they call you back the same day for an individual interview, and tell you you have to be licensed to sell insurance, pay this amount, or this amount, or this amount, or get this package, or this one.....went home and mulled over how I was going to get the money for this, and in such a short amount of time (I had to do it within 10 days), my boyfriend borowed the money from his brother. So I can become this 'sugga momma', and get everyone caught up on their bills.

I am highly intelligent, but feel saddened, and enraged to have the insecurity of doubting myself. How dare they?


i just got a call from them, not to long ago set up a meeting, but unfortunatly i always google companys after, and anything on commision i wont and found it weird that they only deal with elderly. not going for sure ty people. lol


Yes, went through 2 group interviews and I thought it was for an admin job. But, it was for an agent position.

I felt a little mislead. Looks great but am concerned it is much more difficult to make money there than what they lead you to believe.

They seem sincere in wanting to help seniors. I do think some seniors think all people are trying to scam them though so those comments I would take with a grain of salt.


Bankers Life is a pyramid ponzi scheme that targets the elderly, robbing them of their life savings. Bankers Life is being investigated by the US Senate for the aging in Washington DC for fraud on the elderly.

If I were your sick relative and you were even considering working for Bankers Life, I'd lock my doors on you, because anyone who works for Bankers is a low life thieving *** piece of sh*t. I hope you can read this and the thousands of other comments on this site that are telling you the same thing about this trash company.

I can't believe you even ask this question on this site.

Every Bankers Life employee with feel the fire to their souls for the harm they have done to the elderly on earth! Thieves, Thou shall not steal!!

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