I run an elderly care home with 6 residence living in my home.Trying to work with Bankers Life has been very frustrating to say the least.We fax the bill to them over and over yet they repeatedly tell us they never received the bill.I call ask if they got the invoice they say yes then I call wondering why I didn't receive my money they say oh we never received the bill.I asked them for confirmation in writing by fax or e-mail that they received the documents and was told they only confirm by mail which takes 10 or more days to send you anything.My friend sells long term care insurance and she will not recommend Bankers Life.The sad part is that this has been going on close to 3 months.Asking for documents over and over is a common ploy for them.I am considering moving the resident because I cannot keep caring for this client without money to pay my payroll/bills.

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My mom has been in assisted living due to a stroke and dememtia for 14 months. I have refrained from trying to put in a claim into her long time care policy.

Financially, now we need the policy to kick in, but I was warned 14 months ago that it was going to be a long and difficult process.

I will keep an update posted on our progress. camille


I am also terribly sorry about your mother. It's horrible what kind of *** people get away with, and not to mention stealing from those that are elderly and deathly ill.

I was going to go to a job "career briefing" but noticed several complaints about it being bogus just so they can make money off of licensing people. What a joke.

I pray to God that you get justice for your mother's sake. Good luck and MY heart goes out to you.


We are very sorry for your loss. There is no need for the bogus "administrative exception" in your mother's case.

She was terminal, so there should also be no 'elimination'period. The policy should have covered immediately under the 'hospice' provision of the contract. Copy ALL correspondence to your state's Department of Insurance Commissioner, your state representative, the Senate Committee on Aging (investigating Bankers Life) and join us over at scam.com search- Bankers Life is a Scam by former agents who will help you for the shear pleasure of seeing your mother honored for trying to do the right thing for her family and herself.

They helped me, and they will help you. God Bless you and your family in your time of grief.


Yes, I know full well what you are going thru.. my mom had stage 4 lung cancer, paid premiums for 11 almost 12 years, yet they still sent letters stating they needed more information, after the information was provided them many, many times.

Finally, they stated in a letter they agreed to make an "administrative exception in her case" and agreed to pay benefits from Jan. of 2011 thru November 2011. She passed on 8-22-11 without one penny paid, even what she paid out of pocket. I have sought an attorney, and will sue them, I just have to find an attorney that will work on a percentage basis.

Retainer fees are off the wall. The one I have talked to says, yes, there is a good case and yes, benefits should have been paid, but the retainer fee I cannot pay. But, I will pursue this somehow, my mom wanted me too.

Companies like this need to be shut down, or made an example of.. My heart goes out to all that have been scammed by this so called company.

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